how to get her sexually aroused faster

Want to get her ready for bed faster? Read this.

Want to get her ready for bed faster? Read this.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably want to get your lover ready for a sex session as soon as you get in the mood.

However, women don’t get ready for sex at the drop of a hat like guys do. I learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality though that there are ways to make the whole thing faster.

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Do something exciting with her.

Now while getting down and dirty with your lover is already an exciting activity, prepping her up for sex can become easier if you do something that will thrill your lover, say like watching a scary movie or perhaps riding a roller coaster with her.

This is because her brain will be already fired up to release mood-altering hormones and you won’t need to start from scratch when it comes to get your partner in the mood for lovemaking between the sheets.

Apart from watching a scary film or perhaps giving an amusement ride a spin, you can also have the same results when sweating it out with her. (Here’s a great reason why you should have exercise in your regular schedule, too.)

Send her naughty messages on her mobile phone or email.

Mental stimulation is a key factor when it comes to making a woman all prepped up for action in the bedroom. And one of the best ways to pull off just that? Sending her kinky text messages or risqué messages on her email.

Sure it sounds rather crazy right now, but doing so basically helps her brain get going quicker than usual when it comes to sexual arousal. Think of the whole thing as an engine that’s already running.

You don’t need to start it up because you just need to rev the engine and put it in gear.

Keep an eye on your hygiene.

Did you know that simply making it a habit to keep a close eye on your hygiene can help pick up the pace on your partner’s sexual arousal? This is because her brain translates your efforts at looking good as pleasurable.

Make it a point to take regular showers and splashing on deodorant daily. Get rid of excess facial hair that will only make you look unkempt. Brush and floss every day. A spritz of a musky or woodsy cologne can help take things up a notch as well.