how to boost her sexual arousal

Boost your girlfriend's sexual arousal with these simple tips...

Boost your girlfriend’s sexual arousal with these simple tips…

Your girlfriend’s sexual arousal levels play a key role in how much pleasure she will experience during lovemaking.

The more sexually aroused she is, the more the pleasurable the sensations she will feel when you two are already getting busy in the bedroom.

And just to make the whole thing even more interesting, your girlfriend’s chances of achieving orgasm will also become higher the more sexually aroused she is.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, taking a woman’s sexual arousal off the charts isn’t just about what you do during foreplay and lovemaking.

Here are a few simple tips that will surely help you boost your girlfriend’s sexual arousal before you even start the action in bed…

Give your bedroom a meticulous cleaning and organizing.

Did you know that one of the most important factors when it comes to making a woman really sexually aroused is relaxation?

The more relaxed a woman is, the more her brain will churn out the necessary mood-altering hormones to make her really feel good when you start working your magic on her.

And one of the best ways to make her feel as relaxed as can be is by giving your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it needs.

See, women are visual creatures who easily feel anxious when they see that a room is cluttered and messy. So if you’re really looking to warm her up in bed, start cleaning and organizing right now.

Send her kinky messages on her mobile phone.

I’m pretty sure you send your girlfriend text messages and voicemails on her mobile phone frequently.

Why not spice up the whole thing by making your messages more risqué than usual? This is because women find it easier to get in the mood for sex when they use their imaginations.

Start sending her detailed descriptions of what you’d like to do to her when you two get alone. Don’t crimp on the details, too. Make it a point to be as graphic as you can to really hit their mark.

Keep a close eye on your facial hair.

I know sporting a bit of facial hair has an appealing effect to women, but allowing it to become rather unkempt will only lead to the opposite.

Remember to trim your facial hair, including wayward ear and nose hairs as well, since they can distract your girlfriend from really getting in the mood.

Moreover, too much facial hair can also affect the pleasure you will give your girlfriend when you give her oral sex.


Boost her sexual arousal with the simple pointers...

Boost her sexual arousal with these simple pointers…

Now while this may sound surprising, there will come a time when even your best moves to sexually arouse your lover won’t be that effective sooner or later.

Sure you may already know the things that get her going between the sheets the most, but not improving a few elements may lead to problems when it comes to her sexual arousal. Make sure you read on to learn a few pointers how to do just that easily.

Give her an adrenaline rush.

According to a study conducted in Nevada, USA, women can have the ability to become intensely sexually aroused faster if they are frequently exposed to activities that get their adrenaline pumping. The researchers found out that the body virtually experiences the same changes during sexual arousal and when going through stress.

The next time you’re looking to get your lover really going in the bedroom, go for exciting activities like roller coaster rides, hiking, playing sports or even watching a horror movie instead of going for the usual dinner date.

Always make it a point to give her a long kiss.

Kissing isn’t just something you should do when you’re planning to make things hot in bed. Passionately grazing your lover’s lips with your own actually plays a very significant role in making women sexually aroused.

Based on scientific studies, kissing helped women feel quite sexy, which is an important attribute if you’re looking to get your partner between the sheets. Kissing also helps your lover’s brain secrete happy hormones called dopamine that speeds up the whole sexual arousal process.

Change up your sexual playbook.

Your lover will find getting sexually aroused a bit tough if she feels that the things you’re doing in the bedroom are already becoming monotonous and dull. You need to change things up as soon as you can to bring back her excitement during lovemaking.

Now while it may sound technical at first, you just need to learn new sexual positions to try, foreplay moves to perform to get her hot and a few extra things that you can do in bed to take her arousal to a whole new level.

Don’t drink too much.

Sure having a drink or two of your favorite brew does have its health benefits, but overdoing it can lead to problems like stroke, hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Consuming too much alcohol will eventually prevent sufficient blood to be channeled to the erectile tissues of your penis. Chances are your lover won’t be that too eager to have sex with you when that happens.