how to become a great kisser

Learn the secrets of becoming a lip-locking expert when you give this article a thorough browse.

Learn the secrets of becoming a lip-locking expert when you give this article a thorough browse.

While kissing may be something spontaneous and natural among men across the globe, there are a few techniques that you need to learn to make your next lip-locking experience as exciting and sensual as possible. If you’re looking to take your kissing skills up a notch, make sure you give the rest of this article a meticulous read through to learn the secrets of becoming a great kisser in no time at all.

Timing is everything.

Whether it’s on your first date or perhaps your 15th wedding anniversary, making sure that your partner is ready for a kiss before moving in to touch lips is the cardinal rule. Rushing her into kissing you won’t just make her feel rather awkward but will also lead to a somewhat boring experience almost instantly. Test your partner’s interest on the subject by giving her a tender peck on the cheek or hand. If she doesn’t pull away or turn her head slightly, then you’re in the clear for a go on her lips.

Be as kissable as you can.

No matter how superb your techniques are when it comes to kissing, you will never convince your partner to lock lips with you if you’re not paying close attention to your oral hygiene. Sure you may look and smell like a million bucks but you can easily say goodbye to a potentially explosive kissing experience if your breath is horrible or your lips and teeth don’t appear clean enough. Always remember to make yourself an inviting target for a kiss and you’re definitely halfway there.

Don’t forget to give her kissing TLC.

The perfect kiss involves three very important elements to make it unforgettable, namely tenderness, patience and feelings. Don’t just mindlessly plant your lips on her as soon as you can when an opportunity for a kiss presents itself. Make sure you keep it as delicate and gentle as possible and wait for her to make the initiative to take that kiss to a whole new level as well. Now that we’ve got that covered, why not learn how to give her the best oral sex while at it to give her the satisfaction she’s always wanted when things get really steamy?

Watch her body language.

Observing how she reacts with the way you tease and caress her lips is a smart method to gauge if you need to rev things up or slow down a bit. Is your partner receptive to your techniques? Do you feel that she pushes you back ever so slightly when you try to get your tongue in action? Is she getting increasingly aggressive with each passing minute? How fast is she breathing? The more you are attuned with your partner, the easier it is to make the experience enjoyable for the both of you.

Let it flow naturally.

While most online sex gurus claim that kissing is a very complicated subject, the maxim “practice makes perfect” is still the best guideline to follow when it comes to improving your lip-locking skills. Much like learning how to drive, kissing can be quite challenging in the first few tries. When you’ve got all the necessary steps down to pat, however, you’re sure to make your wife or girlfriend look forward to your next make out session.