how to be closer with your girlfriend

Get closer with your girlfriend with these simple pointers!

Get closer with your girlfriend with these simple pointers!

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it doesn’t mean that you’re already in a romantic relationship with a woman that you should stop charming and attracting her.

Besides leading to a slump in your relationship sooner or later, this will also cause possibly serious problems that can even result to a breakup in the long run.

And you know how terrible that will be for you and your special someone when it happens.

So if you’re looking to become closer with your girlfriend, make sure you follow along to learn how to do just that using a few simply pointers…

Give her a sincere compliment every day.

Make it a point to give your girlfriend a sincere compliment daily. Apart from making her feel that you still love her a lot, it will also promote a surge of positive hormones in her body that will boost her confidence and happiness levels.

And interestingly, positive hormones also make her sexually aroused. How’s that for two for two?

Send her unexpected gifts.

Women love surprises. And you’re sure to make your girlfriend feel really loved and cared for if you keep in mind to surprise her often with gifts, notes and flowers. You don’t have to go for expensive stuff, too. The simpler and more meaningful your choices are, the better.

A hand-written card and a bar of chocolate will already do. There are also a lot of variations for this strategy so you won’t have a tough time mixing it up.

Thank her daily.

Saying a simple “thank you” because you have your girlfriend in your life is a smart move to get closer with her. Follow up with a straightforward reason why. I know this sounds really simplistic, but this is really sweet for your girlfriend and more brownie points for you, my good man.

You can also put thank you notes in her bag, post it on the fridge or perhaps somewhere that she won’t expect to find them there.

Let her call the shots during lovemaking.

I know that you already have an idea of the things that your girlfriend likes between the sheets, but there are a lot more that you can learn from her if you just let her run the show the next time you two are at it in the bedroom.

Simply asking her to do so is also going to make her more adventurous in bed as well.

Do these to keep the fire of your relationship burning.

Do these to keep the fire of your relationship burning.

If you’re a man in a steady relationship, chances are you’d like to keep your girlfriend as loyal and devoted to you as much as possible.

However, you’re simply noticing that the romance between you and your significant other isn’t like it used to. There’s no need to get really anxious that your relationship is already headed to the dumps, though.

Make sure you read on to find out how you can really keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Make her feel that you’re grateful for having her in your life.

A lot of guys seem to disregard the fact that getting romantic with their girlfriends doesn’t end when they’re already in a relationship.

Keep in mind to frequently show and make her feel that you’re really thankful you have her in your life.

It could be through sending her sweet text messages and emails or perhaps a love note hidden in her purse or somewhere she can easily find them.

Common courtesies should be a mainstay in your checklist.

Don’t forget to have common courtesies either in words and gestures as a mainstay in your daily checklist with your girlfriend.

Sure this may sound rather cheesy, but it’s absolutely a must if you’re looking to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Make sure you say “thank you” and “please” when communicating with her. Showing her your chivalric side like holding a door open or perhaps offering her your coat when the weather is nippy are also smart moves to give her the notion you’re still really into her.

Always have time for the two of you.

Don’t ever forget to have a regular schedule for bonding and dating with your significant other.

You could have it on weekends or perhaps just any day that the both of you don’t have any other engagements to attend to. It doesn’t mean that you’re already boyfriend and girlfriend that dates should be out of your schedule.

Keep in mind to go to new places and experience new stuff with her as well while you’re at it to really take the excitement factor up a notch.

Tell her “I love you” each time you can.

Now while this may seem the most simplistic of the pointers I’ve pointed out here, but simply telling your GF you love her (and how much you do, too) frequently keeps her feeling relaxed and comfortable in your relationship.