how to approach women

So you'd like to approach women more successfully...

So you’d like to approach women more successfully…

Imagine yourself chilling in a bar and you see this attractive woman that you’d like to know better.

Unlike what so-called “dating gurus” are recommending though, simply waltzing in her direction and making her feel that you’re the alpha male isn’t going to cut it.

So if you’re looking to approach women more successfully, here are a few easy ways to pull off just that…

Move toward her where she can see you.

Some men tend to overlook the fact that women will find it really creepy if they are approached from behind or from another direction that they are going to be blindsided.

This is because it gives them the notion that your intentions are rather questionable, which easily raises her anxiety levels.

No matter how much you took care of your grooming or perhaps fine-tuned your conversational cheat sheet, she won’t be that happy to see you or eager to exchange ideas with you when you do this.

Make it a point to always come close to her where she can see you from the side or from the front.

Do not ask permission to talk to her.

Although it may be the more gentlemanly way of approaching a woman, asking permission to talk to her easily puts you at a disadvantage.

Besides giving her the notion that you are at her mercy and she can say no to you right from the get go, it also makes her feel that you are not that confident about yourself, which is a big turn off among women.

You can kick things off by telling her your name and your favorite drink or some other trivial stuff about you.

Sure this may sound simplistic, but women are more comfortable with simple and trivial things. And the chances that you’re going to encourage her to talk are going to be much higher while at it, too.

Accentuate with gestures, but don’t be touchy-feely.

Now while it’s alright to make a point with gestures, keep in mind not to be touchy-feely in the process because this will only make a woman feel that you’re invading her privacy.

This triggers a rush of negative hormones in her body and you’re going to lose your chance right then and there.

A smarter option would be to wait for the woman you’re engaging to initiate the touching herself. Apart from signaling that she is starting to build rapport with you, it also means she is attracted to you.