friend zone tips

These signs mean that you're trapped in the friend zone...

These signs mean that you’re trapped in the friend zone…

The friend zone is perhaps the last place that you will want to get stuck in when relationships are concerned.

But the thing is a lot of guys don’t seem to have even the slightest inkling if they’re trapped in the friend zone or not.

If you’re looking to keep yourself from getting stuck in the friend zone anytime soon, here are some key signs that you should look out for…

She always introduces you as a “friend.”

Now while being close friends with the woman you’re really attracted to is one of the foundations of establishing a romantic relationship with her, always being introduced as a “friend” already gives you an idea how she sees you in her life.

You can correct this situation by directly telling the woman you like that you’d want to be more than friends with her to give her the notion that you’re a potential boyfriend material.

She talks about her exes and crushes when you’re together.

Although listening attentively to a woman is a priority when it comes to making a connection with her, you know you’re in the friend zone when she always talks about her exes, crushes and other relationship matters when the both of you are talking.

While this is a sign that she is comfortable enough to open up to you, you must also tell her that you’re not in it for being just friends, but also for being more than friends. Or else you’ll be simply a “shoulder to cry on” for her.

She always asks you to go shopping with her.

Even if going shopping with her means that you’re already spending time with each other, it’s another story if she just lets you accompany her to help her pick clothes and accessories. This is supposed to be a job for one of her girlfriends and not yours.

Keep in mind to take her someplace else other than shopping when she asks you. And make it a point to be an awesome date, too.

She always asks you to pick her up.

Now while it’s alright to do this once or twice, it’s definitely another story if you always find yourself picking her up at 3 AM because she is so wasted to drive.

Draw the line between being just a friend and a potential romantic interest to really hit the message home.