friend zone mistakes

Does she think of you as "just a friend?"

Does she think of you as “just a friend?”

Getting trapped in the friend zone is no doubt one of the most awkward experiences that you can go through as a guy.

Besides being very embarrassing, it’s also going to ruin your chances of establishing a romantic relationship with a woman you’ve got your eye on.

But the thing is I’ve come across some key mistakes during my extensive research into the female psychology that will easily make you fall into the friend zone without even knowing it.

Make sure you read on to get the lowdown on them…

Not confessing up to her.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys tend to overlook is not confessing up to the woman they’re attracted to of their true feelings for them.

Come to think of it. How would she have an idea that you’re looking to take your relationship with her to a new level if she doesn’t even know how you really feel?

Sure there is the possibility that she may reject you, but it’s better to know the bitter truth than not knowing how she feels about you at all.

You don’t ask her out on a date.

A woman will have the mindset that you’re just a friend if you don’t make a move.

One of the smartest ways to start making her think that you’re not just looking to be friends with her is asking her out on a date.

And don’t just settle for “friendly” stuff like hanging out in the park or playing a video game together.

Pull out all the stops on your first date to really get the message across.

You’re her therapist for guy problems.

Although lending an ear when she’s opening up to you earns you brownie points, simply giving her the notion that you’re her shrink when it comes to guy problems and similar issues is another story.

Besides making her think that she can tell you anything she likes, which is basically the job of a friend, you’re also ruining your chances of getting romantic with her because she knows that you already know her secrets when it comes to men.

Giving up immediately.

Most guys tend to get discouraged immediately when they get rejected the first time.

I know getting rejected can be rather frustrating, but perseverance does have its rewards. Remember to regroup and dazzle her using a different strategy all over again.