The best way to turn a woman on is probably not what you think

Here’s a very powerful way to turn a woman on and get her lusting for you fast…

If you’ve ever been with a woman who doesn’t seem interested in sex and found yourself wondering “what the heck am I supposed to do to turn her on?!” then you’ll find this really useful.

And like most solutions when it comes to sex…

It all comes down to understanding how SHE works.

Because understanding what turns a guy on is simple…

All a woman has to do is act sexual and grab our penis.

But women are different.

And too often as men we make the mistake of assuming that they’re just like us.

So the bottom line is that if you want to know how to turn a woman on, you’re going to have to adopt a completely different strategy.

And I’m going to give you one AMAZING strategy for turning a woman on right now.

And that strategy is…


No… Not presents!


Women get turned on when you’re really present with them.

When you’re totally in the moment and entirely focused on them.

This means…

NOT looking at the TV out of the corner of your eye

NOT worrying about what’s happening at work

NOT thinking about someone else

NOT getting frustrated at how hard your woman is to turn on at the moment

You get the idea.

Your entire focus should be on her.

And when you genuinely and entirely focus on her… She’ll know it.

She’ll recognize it in your eye contact.

She’ll notice that all your attention is on her.

And now all you need to do to turn her on is step up the physical intimacy slowly.

Stop everything and just embrace her.

Stroke her hair as you gaze into her eyes.

Experience a deep passionate kiss where all you’re focussing on is the touch of her lips.

All these things will come naturally when you forget everything and just embrace the present moment and focus on her.

And she’ll be so turned on she won’t know what hit her.

Of course, when things DO start heating up you’ll want to be sure you can last long enough in bed and make the most of the opportunity.

So to make sure you do last long enough check out this article now on how to Stop Premature Ejaculation.

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Foreplay Doesn't Have To Just Happen In The Bedroom

Not a fan of foreplay? Here’s a great method to use so you don’t have to spend the first 30 minutes under the sheets waiting for sex…

Now if you’re a guy who doesn’t really enjoy foreplay that much (or at least loves sex 1000x more than foreplay) then that’s OK.

But one fact you will have to face is that turning on a woman doesn’t happen instantly.

Men can be aroused in a matter of seconds, but for women this just isn’t the case.

So the trick here is to be wise about HOW and WHEN you arouse your women.

You see, the “old-school” thinking behind foreplay is that when you’re in bed with a woman you need to start turning her on, therefore you engage in foreplay.

And if you subscribe to this way of thinking then unfortunately foreplay in bed is pretty much unavoidable, because like I said earlier women need at least some time to be turned on.

Now if as soon as you get into bed you want to start having sex then you’re going to need a different approach.

And this is what I recommend…

Perform foreplay THROUGHOUT THE DAY.

Whenever you interact with your woman during the day, whether it be via text, phone, e-mail or in person – start turning her on.

Be sexual.

And just like you would in foreplay slowly raise the intensity and intimacy of the stimulation.

So start by talking about stroking her hair and kissing her neck first, and then later move on to talking about her more intimate areas and what you’re going to do to them.

If you sprinkle this kind of interaction throughout the day with your woman, then by the time it comes to sex she will so horny you won’t believe it.

Remember a woman’s mind is INCREDIBLY active and she’ll be fantasising all day about you if you stimulate her well with your conversation.

And what you’ll find is that all this conversation IS YOUR FOREPLAY.

The purpose of foreplay is to turn a woman on and to prepare her for sex… And this is exactly what you’re doing by communicating with her sexually and teasing her all day long.

So when you finally meet in bed she’ll be so horny that you won’t need the “traditional” foreplay before having sex… She’ll be ready for it.

Seriously… The power of this approach when done right is AMAZING.

And, if you so wish, eliminates the need for foreplay in the bedroom.

(Of course, if you do decide to add some “traditional” foreplay then the results will be even more powerful)

So now you know how to skip foreplay you better be sure you can last long in bed!  Check out this article on Premature Ejaculation to make sure you avoid it from happening.

Give your woman something extra this year

Why not use this holiday season as an excuse to treat your woman to the best orgasm of her life?  Here’s how…

These holidays are all about giving.

So the theme of this particular orgasm will be giving to your woman.

And this doesn’t just been sex.

It means giving her everything else too.

And this is a HUGE secret to giving a woman incredible orgasms.

Because women work totally different from us men.

For a man what happens during his day really doesn’t make much difference – if the pleasure he gets during sex is good then he will have a great orgasm.

But for a woman… EVERYTHING matters.

That means how her day went, how you treated her, how loved or appreciated she felt, how attracted to you she felt.

This all adds up.

And if you stack enough of these good things up during the day, then when it finally comes to sex… It takes little effort to give her an incredible orgasm, because she’s ready for it and WANTS to experience it with you.

So use this holiday season as an excuse to give to your woman.

Give more than you normally would.

Push yourself and surprise your woman.

Whether this means getting her an extra gift or surprising her with a massage, just do something she doesn’t normally expect from you.

And treat her several times.

Stack up the treats.

With her having this much fun and feeling appreciated this much, having fun in the bedroom will be a piece of cake.

And when it does finally come to sex, be sure you’re armed and ready to last all night by using my special 3 step method in this article on how to last longer in bed.

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Being good at foreplay can mean the difference between getting your woman to orgasm within minutes of sex and having her NEVER orgasm.  Here’s how to get your woman super-horny before you start having sex…

Firstly you’ve got to realize how women work differently.  As this article called Sex Tips: Know More About Foreplay puts it, women and men are totally different when it comes to arousal.

Men are like light bulbs and women are like irons.  We can be turned on and off instantly, but women need to be turned on gradually over time.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

Well firstly, take a moment to get into her shoes.  Imagine how you would view sex if it wasn’t a yes or no decision, but rather something that happened over time.

The first thing you’d realize is that you’d have to be in the mood to want to go ahead with it…

Sound familiar?

Because if a woman is not in the mood for sex… She is not in the mood for sex, and no amount of verbal persuasion can change that.

As men we’ve all been there, wanting sex, but our woman doesn’t want it, because she doesn’t feel like it.

It can be frustrating to us because it’s difficult to understand how she feels because we can get turned on in an instant.

But there’s also a flip side to this…

If we understand what women are like we can learn from it.

And the first thing to realize is that since you’ve got to turn her on over time… Why not start earlier?

Why not start teasing and flirting with her during the day?

Say little sexual comments to her throughout the day.

Slowly build up her anticipation for sex.

This way when it finally comes to physical foreplay she’ll already be incredibly excited and you’ll be much less likely to run into the roadblock of “I’m not in the mood”.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this little trick has on your sex life.

And what’s even better is that if she’s really horny she’ll orgasm a lot faster so you have to worry less about how long you last.

But if you are still interested in lasting longer then you’ll want to check out this article on How To Last Long In Bed… This article combined with incredible foreplay is like dynamite for your bedroom skills.