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Keep these in mind to really wow her during a first date...

Keep these in mind to really wow her during a first date…

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are suggesting these days, there is no surefire magic bullet that can help you ace a first date.

Now while this may sound surprising, pulling it off is more than just picking a nice venue or perhaps meticulously planning your wardrobe for the big day (or night).

There’s no need to worry just yet though.

Here are a few key tips that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that will help you boost your chances of wowing the woman you’re out with on your next first date…

Planning is key.

A lot of men mistakenly think that going for the most expensive restaurant they could find for a first date is the only thing they need to do to ace it.

Although taking her to a nice place is a good thing, going the extra mile and doing a bit of research while at it is also a priority.

Make it a point to know what your date’s preferred food and drink choices are as well as the kind of music and crowd she is into.

Besides making her feel right off the bat that you really want to make your date a complete success, she’ll also be more sociable and relaxed being with you when she feels really comfortable.

(And while we’re on the subject, here are some grooming tips that you should have in your checklist to really make a good impression on a first date.)

Be a good listener.

Listening intently to your date is one simple way of making a connection with her.

Apart from catching a lot of stuff that can help you impress her even more as you go along, you’ll also stimulate her brain to release feel-good hormones. This means she won’t be reserved the whole time.

Don’t have an idea how to strike up a meaningful conversation with her?

Nice topics to start things off are her favorite TV show, the name of her first pet or her most unforgettable carnival ride.

Don’t be touchy-feely.

Although emphasizing your ideas with gestures is a great way to make a point, keep in mind not to overdo the whole thing by already being touchy-feely.

Besides making her feel that you’re creepy, it’s also going to end a first date prematurely. A simple pat on the forearm is going to suffice this time.

Here are a few tips to make your first date awesome for her.

Here are a few tips to make your first date awesome for her.

I’m sure pulling things off as successfully as possible is the top item in your first date checklist.

However, unlike what so-called “dating gurus” say, achieving this isn’t about showing up on your first date wearing loud apparel and acting like the alpha male, which simply means obnoxious.

I’ve learned a few interesting things during my extensive research into the female psychology and I’m going to share them with you to make your next first date really awesome for the woman you’re out with.

Looking and smelling good is essential.

I know you may have read this line over and over again, but keeping a close eye on your grooming plays a key role when it comes to making a first date great.

See, women are visual creatures who tend to make their impressions on a guy they’re on a date with based on how they look and smell.

If you arrive well-dressed and smelling nicely, you’re sure to earn a lot of brownie points immediately. (Keep in mind to put on clean shoes while at it, too.)

Pick a venue that she’s familiar with.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, going for the most expensive venue that you can find for your first date isn’t going to cut it.

This is because she’ll think of your first date more of a job interview instead of an opportunity to get to know you better.

Go for a place that she’s quite familiar with like her local bar or deli so she won’t act and feel reserved on your first date.

Plus, you won’t spend a lot of bucks compared to taking her to a fancy restaurant.

Talk about trivial stuff.

When you engage your date in a conversation, keep in mind to go for topics that are trivial and friendly like her favorite movie or the name of her first pet.

Picking serious ones like politics and similar stuff can make her think you’re already trying too hard to impress her.

As a bonus, you will also tend to pick up a lot of useful information you can use to dazzle her as you go along.

Chivalry is not dead.

Being a gentleman adds a lot of brownie points during your first date, which is definitely going to help boost your chances of making it amazing for her.

Apart from opening doors for the woman you’re out with, lending her your jacket when the weather is a bit nippy is also a nice gesture.

Looking to ace a first date? Check this out.

Looking to ace a first date? Check this out.

Now here’s the situation…

You have finally convinced the woman you’ve got your eye on to say yes to go on a first date with you.

However, you think you need a bit of brushing up with the essentials to do to pull the whole thing off with flying colors.

Instead of believing the stuff so-called “dating gurus” tell people like wearing loud clothes to look alpha male and using racy pickup lines, here are a few realistic and practical pointers you need to keep in mind to make the experience awesome for you and your date…

Plan your date.

A nice date doesn’t just happen out of the blue like you see in the movies. It actually needs considerable planning to pull off and you’re sure in for disaster sooner or later if you leave everything to chance.

Apart from carefully choosing the venue of your first date so you’ll make her feel comfy and relaxed, going the extra mile and making it a point to know details like her food and drink preferences gives you extra advantage as well.

Switch off your phone.

You need to have all of your attention on the woman you’re out with on a date the whole time. Unless you do this, she might feel you’re not interested in her at all or you’re simply a lousy date.

Make sure you save the texts, emails, tweets and status updates for later.

Keep an eye on your hygiene.

How you look and smell during a first date is basically one of the biggest factors if a woman will go out with you again or not.

Keep in mind that not smelling good and looking your best already gives her the notion that you’re not such an ideal date right off the bat. So make sure you take a meticulous shower and pick nice clothes before your date.

It’s also smart to give your teeth and gums TLC as well as making your shoes spic and span while at it. Now while this may sound surprising, women are very particular with footwear and she might have the wrong impression if your shoes need a bit of cleaning when you arrive.

Save the alcohol for later.

No matter how much you’re tempted to enjoy your favorite brew on a first date, keep your hands off the stuff.

Sure a lot of guys mistakenly believe that a few shots can steady their nerves and make them feel more confident, but it actually affects the way you interact with your date in a negative way.

So you'd like to make a first date successful...

So you’d like to make a first date successful…

Now here’s the situation…

After a long time waiting, the woman you’ve got your eye on finally said yes to going out with you on a first date.

Now while you probably know that keeping a close eye on your hygiene and dressing appropriately should be priorities in your checklist, a lot of guys seem to overlook a few first date to-do’s that can easily ruin the whole thing.

Make sure you keep the following first date essentials in mind so you’ll really impress the woman you are going out with while at it…

Get the details of your first date straightened out.

Unlike what most men mistakenly think, taking a woman out for the first time isn’t just about deciding which place to have your date, pick her up on the day and impressing her all the way so she’ll go out with you again.

Make it a point to have all of the details of your date properly taken care of. Apart from picking the venue, go the extra mile of asking her preferences when it comes to food and drinks. Knowing an activity she likes doing is also an advantage.

This is because you will make your date feel that you really care for her, which is a key factor when you’re looking to build an emotional connection with a woman. In short, that means earning extra brownie points right then and there.

Keep the discussion fun and trivial.

A lot of guys seem to forget that a first date is all about knowing a woman better. It’s not a job interview or something that involves knowing her educational attainment or perhaps political leaning.

Make it a point to keep the discussion as fun and trivial as you can. Being too serious can make the whole thing feel awkward and rather uncomfortable.

And unless she’s the one who brings it up, never talk about marriage and how many kids you’d like to have in the future.Instead, ask her something light like what’s her favorite book or perhaps the name of her first pet.

You will be surprised how free-flowing the discussion will be. Moreover, you’ll also know a few things that you can use to dazzle her even more as you go along with your date.

Be a gentleman.

Showing a bit of chivalry is definitely a must during a first date. Make her feel that you’re a true gentleman by opening doors for her, pulling her chair as well as offering your jacket when the weather’s nippy.

Sure some guys may think that this is rather corny, but you will simply be amazed with the results. Again, it’s extra brownie points right there and you’d definitely want that.