first date conversation tips


Keep clear from these first date conversation no-no’s!

So you’ve finally convinced the woman you’ve got your eye on to go on a first date with you and you’d like to ace the whole thing…

But the thing is acing a first date is more than just picking a nice venue, looking and smelling great as well as getting a meaningful conversation going while at it.

You should also keep a close eye on the conversation topics that you choose to start a conversation with her. And a lot of men tend to overlook the following that could easily ruin a first date in no time…

Your exes

Now while establishing a romantic connection with her is one of your priorities when you’re taking her out for the first time, getting your exes in the picture is a big no-no that you should keep clear of.

This is because you will only give her the notion that you still haven’t gotten over them completely and you are not ready for a new relationship yet. And that’s going to dampen your chances of convincing her to go on a second date with you, too.

Your ideal marriage and family

Unlike guys who are primarily compelled to go on a date with a woman to get their chances of starting a romantic relationship with her, women generally go on dates to make friends.

And you’ll just end up creeping her out when you discuss your plans of marrying and having a family when having a conversation with your date.

She’ll just feel really anxious and impatient when you do this. A better way to do this would be to talk about trivial things like what your family does during holidays or your best vacation memories with your siblings.

Your biological clock

Come to think of it. If you put yourself in your date’s shoes and you hear about how he’s getting old and he needs to settle down, that’s just plain weird, right? Enough said. This is quite similar to the previous item, but it’s too weird not to give another go.

Your previous bad first dates

Badmouthing your previous bad dates is a very big no-no when you go out with a woman the first time. This simply gives the woman you’re out with the notion that if your date won’t go as planned, you’ll badmouth her in your future dates as well.

Why not replicate the good stuff that happened in your previous dates to make your present one as amazing as can be for her?