erogenous zones you should stimulate

Follow these tips to make it easier for you to knock her socks off during sex...

Follow these tips to make it easier for you to knock her socks off during sex…

When it comes to action between the sheets, giving your lover an experience she won’t forget anytime soon is the top item in your checklist.

And one of the surefire ways of really taking her pleasure levels off the charts is by stimulating her erogenous zones.

Make it a point to give these spots the right attention the next time you and your partner are at it to really knock her socks off…

The back of her neck.

Sure her nape or the back of her neck sounds a bit odd to be included in this list, but it’s definitely a spot that you should pleasure during lovemaking.

See, the back of her neck is practically loaded with sensitive nerve endings that can give her anywhere from a tickle to a sexually charged stroke depending on how you stimulate it.

You can kick things off by licking and brushing the back of her neck to get her going.

The breasts.

I know this is quite obvious, but a lot of guys know that the breasts are erogenous zones though they don’t have a clue how to stimulate them.

This is because most men tend to attack it like there’s no tomorrow.

Although the breasts can still produce pleasurable sensations when treated this way, it’s not going to be as enjoyable for her when you go for this strategy. Make sure you give the areolas TLC while you’re at it as well.

The clitoris.

I’d like to point out that the clitoris is one erogenous zone that you shouldn’t miss out on or else you’re keeping your lover from really taking her pleasure levels off the charts.

Besides capable of producing mind-blowing sensations when properly stimulated, the clitoris can also give your partner one orgasm after another if you keep at it.

Just remember to keep things slow, easy and gentle as you go along. Unless she specifically asks you to take it up a notch, stay that way.

The inner thighs.

The inner thighs are not as packed with sensitive nerve endings compared to other erogenous zones, but there’s one big reason why you need to pleasure them when you’re getting busy between the sheets…

The inner thighs can still give her nice sensations, but will encourage her mind to get really active.

Stimulating them will keep your lover on her toes and she will keep on feeling teased, excited and wondering what you’ll do next when you have this erogenous zone in your checklist.