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Keep clear from these commonly overlooked dating mistakes!

Keep clear from these commonly overlooked dating mistakes!

When it comes to first dates, acing the whole thing is no doubt the most important goal of all.

Sure you may already have an idea of how to keep your grooming up to par or knowing which place to take a woman to really wow her, but convincing her to go a second date with you is much more than that.

So if you’re looking to ace your first date and make her say yes to a second one, here are a few commonly overlooked dating mistakes that you should keep clear of…

You don’t include her when planning your date.

A lot of men mistakenly think that organizing a first date is solely their responsibility. Getting the woman you’re going out with involved when it comes to planning the whole thing is a very smart move.

Keeping in mind to call or text her and ask her opinion where to go, what food to order or perhaps what drink she prefers should be on your checklist.

Besides making a woman feel that you’re really into her, getting her opinion about this and that about your date also gives you an idea of the stuff she likes, which will definitely help you dazzle her as you go along.

You talk about technical stuff.

Some guys believe that talking about complicated things during a first date will help them impress a woman. But the thing is it will only lead to the opposite because she will just think that you’re trying too hard.

(Hogging the discussion also results to the same.)

And your date won’t turn out as you expected when she clams up. Besides making her feel bored and anxious, the negative hormones that will be released during the same will bring on more unpleasant effects sooner than you think.

Keep in mind to only talk about trivial things like her favorite book, the name of her first pet or perhaps what her favorite ice cream flavor is. I know these topics may not sound as impressive, but they will definitely get the job done.

You get romantic right on the get go.

See, women see first dates as opportunities for them to make friends and expand their social network.

Getting into a romantic mood the first time you go out with a woman won’t just make her feel awkward, but also give her the notion that you’re creepy. And when that happens, you probably already know how you’ll fare when you ask her out again.

Keep clear from these mistakes when you want to score a second date...

Keep clear from these mistakes when you want to score a second date…

Acing a date is absolutely the most important goal that you’re aiming for when you go out with a woman.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, doing this isn’t about luck or perhaps going for the fanciest place in town.

There are actually dating mistakes that you should avoid to really pull the whole thing off, which can bring your chances of scoring a second date down to nil.

Make sure you read on to find out what these are to boost your chances of getting that second date…

Don’t look like you just got out of bed.

I know this sounds rather simplistic right now, but showing up on a date looking and smelling good is a priority.

It basically encourages a woman’s body to release more feel-good hormones that set off positive changes in her. Besides making your date feel less anxious around you, it also makes her more sociable in the process.

While we’re on the subject, keep in mind that being simple is the way to go. Stay clear from apparel with loud colors and ridiculous prints. You will only end up looking weird and creepy to your date.

Don’t talk too much about yourself.

Now while giving a woman an idea of who you are and what your interests are like during a date should be on your checklist, spending too much time talking about yourself already ruins the whole thing.

Make it a point to initiate a meaningful discussion between the two of you. I know this may a bit tricky right now, but you can start one by sharing something about you and asking her a similar question.

Just remember to go for trivial and simple stuff to keep things going. Stay clear from sensitive topics like politics and similar subjects and you’re good to go.

This is because she’ll have the notion that she’s in a job interview instead of a date.

Never bring up your past dates.

Gossiping is always a no-no, especially when you’re on a date with a woman.

When you dish out the things that happened on your previous dates with her, she’ll have the notion that you will do the same thing – only with her on it – on your next date.

And that’s definitely going to blow your chances of making her say yes to a second date. So no matter how funny your dating anecdote is, keep it to yourself.

Make sure you keep clear from these dating mistakes.

Make sure you keep clear from these dating mistakes.

So you’re on a first date with a woman you like and you want everything to go smoothly as you can…

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, it’s not enough to look like a movie star and reserve a table for two in a posh restaurant to really sweep a woman off her feet during a first date.

It’s also about keeping clear of a few dating mistakes that can easily ruin your chances of dazzling her no matter how hard you try. Make sure you check out the rest of this article to find out what they are:

Being late.

Nothing beats being late for a first date when it comes to starting off with the wrong foot with the woman you’re out with. Apart from making her feel that you aren’t that focused on your commitments, it also gives her the notion that there’s a big possibility that you’re just forced to go on a date with her.

And when this happens, chances are you’ll have a very hard time setting things right even with your certified A-game.

Always checking your phone.

Let’s face it. Choosing to stick your face in front of your phone every few minutes instead of interacting with a woman on your first date is absolutely one of the most annoying things you’ll ever do while at it.

No matter how tempted you are, check texts, emails, status updates and tweets until after your date. It’s much smarter to engage your date in a meaningful conversation. Apart from helping you establish trust, it can also boost your chances of scoring a second date without a hitch.

Not maintaining proper eye contact.

How would you feel if a person didn’t look at you in the eye when you try to get a discussion going? Intimidated and awkward, right? Well, this is exactly how you will make your date feel when you don’t maintain proper eye contact with her.

If you think this is tough to pull off, here’s a trick to make the whole thing easier. Focus on the bridge of her nose when you become too shy to look her straight in the eye.

Downing too much booze.

Although there is nothing wrong with drinking alcoholic beverages during your first date, it even enhances the taste of foods when paired properly, consuming too much during the same will only lead to disaster.

Apart from making you talk and act funny, downing excessive amounts of booze also prevents you from making your date feel relaxed. She’ll just feel stressed when you’re having one too many.

So you want to boost your chances of acing a date...

So you want to boost your chances of acing a date…

Now while I don’t mean any offense in saying this, you may be making a few mistakes that can easily break your chances of scoring a second date with a woman you like…

Sure you may already know that keeping a close eye on how you look and smell means a lot to your date, not mentioning listening to her intently, there are a few things a lot of guys tend to overlook that can make it tricky for them to convince a woman to go out for a second date.

So if you’re looking to boost your chances of acing a date each and every time, here are some mistakes that you should steer clear of to pull off just that:

You are touchy-feely.

Although touch is the most basic mode of communication humans have (you can even express ideas using this without saying even a single thing), simply copping a feel before you’ve established a solid connection with your date is a very big no-no.

No matter how innocent you think it may be, touching a woman you barely know only gives her the notion that you’re a creep, which will surely bring down your chances of acing your date and convincing her to go out with you again.

Let her take the initiative of touching you first. Besides giving you an idea that she likes you, it also means you can reciprocate later with harmless gestures of your own without making her feel awkward in any way. Playing your cards right when this happens can easily guarantee a second date.

You bring her somewhere posh and expensive.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it doesn’t mean that the more expensive and exclusive the place you’ll take her to, the better your chances will be when it comes to acing your date.

Sure taking a woman to a nice place earns you brownie points, but overdoing it gives her the notion that you’re already trying too hard to impress her. And this can make her feel that you’re a phony who’s just trying to pull a fast one on her.

Keep in mind that the best dating venues are places where you and your date can talk and act freely. A smart option you can go for is her favorite bar or deli. Since she is already familiar with the place and chances are she knows the patrons hanging out there as well, she won’t be that reserved during your date.