breast stimulation tips

These breast stimulation techniques will surely surprise her.

These breast stimulation techniques will surely surprise her.

Your lover’s breasts are no doubt extremely sensitive to stimulation.

But the thing is unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, making the breasts churn out the pleasurable sensations that they’re capable of isn’t about making a beeline for them during foreplay and stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow.

So if you’re looking to really give your partner a breast stimulation session that she won’t forget anytime soon, make sure you read on to pick up a few useful pointers…

Get her really fired up for lovemaking.

The erogenous zones in a woman’s body need to be activated first before they can produce and release pleasurable sensations.

Stimulating them before they’re really ready will only either make her feel rather awkward or perhaps uncomfortable to the point of pain.

Make sure you really get her sexual arousal in gear before you even think about stimulating her breasts.

(Here’s a quick tip that may help boost your chances of pulling it off.)

Don’t go straight to the nipples.

Sure this move may be a staple in porn movies, but doing this when things get hot in the bedroom in real life will just lead to disaster.

See, pleasuring the nipples before a woman is totally sexually aroused will only feel sore and rough for her. And that’s even if you’re already pulling out all the stops during the action.

Keep in mind to really get her going first before you start the nipple action.

Vary your stimulation techniques.

Most men tend to stick to a single stimulation technique when they’re getting busy with the breasts.

Now while your lover may enjoy it when you lick them in a certain way, simply sticking to one stimulation technique will just make the whole experience flat and boring in the long run.

Make it a point to go for different styles of stimulation when you’re at it and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Up the ante on the pleasure levels by licking, kissing and simply mixing things up when you’re busy with her breasts.

Remember to have dramatic pauses.

Make sure you pause every so often when you’re already stimulating your partner’s breasts.

Besides making her feel teased, which just pumps up her excitement levels, it will also keep her on her toes as you go along.

Remember to keep these pauses unpredictable, too, so she won’t think that there’s a pattern and feel like things are getting repetitive.