anal sex tips

So you've finally convinced her to try anal sex. Now what's next?

So you’ve finally convinced her to try anal sex. Now what’s next?

If you’re anything like most guys, having anal sex with your lover is definitely one of the things that’s in your bedroom action checklist.

And now that you’ve finally convinced your partner to try doing it in the backdoor, I’d just like to emphasize that it’s not just about sexually penetrating her in another place.

It’s much more than just slapping on some lube, too!

You’ve got to keep a few key pointers in mind so you can make the experience not just amazing for you, but for her as well.

Let’s start things off right now…

You’ve got to get her really going in bed.

Sure it’s anal sex, but you’re still going to make your lover really sexually aroused to get the action going akin to regular vaginal sex.

If she’s not warmed up as she needs to, chances are she won’t be that eager to try the whole thing.

Besides working your magic on her physically, remember to excite her mentally while you’re at it as well.

Get your hands on lots of lube.

The anus isn’t equipped with glands that produce and release a natural lubricant like the vagina.

So you need to grab a lot of lube to make the action smooth and easy for the both of you or else the experience will become rather uncomfortable to the point of being painful for her.

And that’s just going to ruin her mood before you’ve even really got started.

Oh and one more thing.

Make it a point to also go for the water-based variety when you’re shopping for lube.

Start slow and easy.

Just like sexually penetrating your lover’s vagina, keep in mind to get the action going as slow and gentle as you can when you’re already doing it.

Unlike what you normally see in porn movies, anal sex is not supposed to be rough and wild – especially when you’re just starting the whole thing.

Slow and easy does it. Your partner will give you the cue herself if she wants the action to become more, shall we say, “vigorous.”

Let her guide you through.

Remember that you’ve got to let your lover call all the shots during anal sex.

The moment your partner feels that she’s not enjoying the action anymore, her eagerness to go on will be ruined.

Make it a point to ask her from time to time if what you’re doing isn’t uncomfortable or painful even a bit.

And you can expect that everything will be just fine as you go along.

Remember these tips when you and your lover have anal sex.

Remember these tips when you and your lover have anal sex.

Anal sex is definitely one of the things that can be found in every man’s lovemaking bucket list and I bet it’s in yours as well.

Now while you’ve probably thought about getting it on in the backdoor with your lover rather too often, chances are you still haven’t spent time listing the things you should remember if you do get lucky one of these days.

So if you’re looking to pleasure her with anal sex, here are things you should have down to pat to really get her going…

Use lots of lube.

Anal sex is absolutely far from engaging in vaginal sex. The anus does not produce a natural lubricant to deal with any friction that may occur when you get into action. You need to get your hands on quality lubrication and lots of it if you’re planning to make your anal sex session unforgettable for your lover.

Make sure you grab a water-based lubricant instead of an oil-based variety while at it. Besides having a more natural feel, water-based lubricants are also more hypo-allergenic and won’t have you or your partner suffering from rashes and other nasty stuff afterward.

Start really, really slow.

Now while you may be very tempted to get at it as fast as you can when it comes to anal sex, always remember to start things off really slow. The anus is basically designed to get things out instead of the other way around so you should be very careful when you sexually penetrate your lover anally.

Provided that you already applied a lot of lubrication, start inserting your penis a quarter of an inch at a time and gauge her reaction while at it. Never try to shove the whole thing inside her anus at once or else you’ll end up hurting her…not mentioning ending your anal sex romp somewhat prematurely.

Reapply lubrication now and then.

There will come a time when that generous application of lube will simply peter out. You need to apply a liberal amount again to ensure that your lover won’t feel any discomfort while you’re having anal sex. And just to make things clear, never think about scrimping on lube even once.

Stay with the anus until it’s over.

No matter what you do, never put your penis inside her vagina when it’s been in her anus. You are only putting her at risk of contracting a number of health issues when you do it. Should you want to shift from anal sex to vaginal sex, make sure you wash your genitals carefully with soap and water before you do it.

(And now we’ve got that covered, here’s one weird reason why you always come too soon.)