Prevent Premature Ejaculation – By Avoiding These 2 Mistakes

Being able to prevent premature ejaculation is possible

Learning to prevent premature ejaculation can make her REALLY happy

Did you know that being able to prevent premature ejaculation comes down to avoiding a few simple mistakes? Soon you’ll know exactly what those mistakes are so you never have to make them again…

Let me get straight to it…

Mistake #1 – Trying to have sex like a pornstar

If there’s a sure-fire way to not last long in bed then it’s trying to have sex like a porn star.

Many men learn everything they know about sex either through porn or from friends who learned from porn.

The bottom line is… since sex is such a taboo subject no one ever takes the time to teach young men the best ways to have sex and how to last long in bed…

So what us men do when we’re young (myself included) is we look to the only source we know to learn from… which is porn.

Unfortunately porn is VERY much unlike the real thing.

There’s no doubt you know this already, but spending our time watching porn has a deep UNCONSCIOUS influence on our ideas of sex that we can struggle to see ourselves.

For starters have you ever stopped to think about the fact that porn is EDITED?

Remember, the directors want the porn to run as seamlessly as possible and be as entertaining as possible, which means if the male actor needs to take 5 minutes out to stop him from orgasming early then they’ll let him do that and just cut those 5 minutes out during production.

Did it ever cross your mind that stuff like this could actually happen?

There are a ton of other things that are totally misleading about porn that I won’t go into here, but you get the idea…

Don’t use porn as a sex guide for lasting longer, because the men involved can take a break whenever they want and they won’t show you if they’re using any special techniques for lasting longer.

Mistakes #2 – Not getting her to orgasm first

One way to prevent premature ejaculation is to reduce the pressure to perform.

Sometimes when it comes to sex we feel so much pressure to satisfy the woman we’re with that we get incredibly nervous and anxious about sex.

Unfortunately this angst and nervousness only ENCOURAGES premature ejaculation and makes it MORE likely to happen.

So how can you take this pressure off and reduce nerves?

A really simple way to help reduce your nervousness is to take the time during foreplay to really satisfy your woman and get her to orgasm.

After you know you’ve already deeply satisfied her a LOT of the pressure is taken off of you to perform, because if you do orgasm early it won’t matter half as much if she’s already had an orgasm.

And with this pressure off you’ll find it’s actually a lot easier to last longer, because the anxiety to perform won’t be there.

Just avoiding a few simple mistakes like these when it comes to sex is critical to prevent premature ejaculation, because no matter what you do to try and last longer, if you keep making a few critical mistakes you’ll never be able to last long in bed.

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