Last Long In Bed – 7 Expert Tips For Instant Results

Woman who's satisfied in bed because her man can last long

Women love a man who can last long in bed

The key to last long in bed doesn’t lie in any pill, cream or special condom… It lies in making a few small changes to the way you have sex. Let me share those with you now…

Now as a side-note, each of the tips below will help you last long in bed, but I recommend you use them all together for MAXIMUM effect.

With that said, let’s get started…

1 – Urinate before sex

A full bladder means you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your genitals. Too much pressure means you’re much more likely to orgasm prematurely. Put a stop to this by getting into the habit of urinating before sex.

2 – Thrust slow at the start of sex

The first few minutes of sex are when your penis is most sensitive to the feelings of being in the vagina. If you add fast thrusting on top of this already heightened sensitivity then you’re really going to struggle to last long in bed.

3 – Get some “pleasure awareness”

Get into the habit of paying attention to your arousal levels during sex and notice when you’re getting close to orgasm. When you start getting close don’t just keep doing what you’re doing, do something different to lower your arousal levels or else you’ll have no chance of avoiding premature ejaculation.

4 – Get her to orgasm first

A big cause of premature ejaculation is the pressure we men put ourselves under to perform. This pressure more often than not converts to premature ejaculation because of the negative effect nervousness has on our body. One dead simple way to get rid of this nervousness is to take away the pressure to perform. You can do this easily by taking more time during foreplay and being sure to give her an orgasm so that when it comes to sex you won’t feel as much pressure to satisfy her, because you know you already have.

5 – Use a tactical position change

Find you’re getting close to orgasm? Don’t just do nothing, take action. A great way to break up your pleasure temporarily to help you last longer is with a tactical position change. Every time you change positions you get a temporary break from the stimulation of sex. So start using position changes tactically when you need a little break and it won’t arouse any suspicion from her that you can’t last very long.

6 – Get her on top

Want to know a position to use to last long in bed? Get her on top of you while you lie on your back. What’s great about this position is that you can fully relax your leg and butt muscles in it. By relaxing these key muscles your body will find it a lot more difficult to orgasm and you’ll be surprised at how much longer you last.

7 – Avoid watching too much porn

Porn is a terrible source of information when it comes to learning to be a better lover. Never forget that porn is edited and the men in it are probably using techniques to last longer in bed OFF-CAMERA that they won’t show in the footage you see. Wise up to this now and forget about using porn as a guide to last longer, because modelling yourself on the videos you see will only lead to premature ejaculation.

Now that you know these 7 expert tips to last long in bed, I’d like to show you some more advanced methods…

I’ve just uploaded a free video that explains in detail the strategies I use to last over 35 minutes in bed, and you can find it by clicking this link…

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