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Take your sex drive up a notch with these edibles.

Take your sex drive up a notch with these edibles.

Now while this may sound surprising, simply knowing which things to eat can take your sexual endurance off the charts.

So if you’re planning to wow your lover the next time you get between the sheets, here are some of the best libido-boosting fares you should load up on as soon as you can…

Be an avocado advocate.

Considered by the ancient Aztecs as a fertility booster, avocados are extremely high in potassium and folic acid.

These natural chemicals won’t just improve the production of testosterone in the body, but will also raise your endurance when doing, you know, a certain kind of “strenuous exercise.”

Go for avocados that are plump and don’t have soft spots to get the most flavor out of them.

Pump up your pumpkin seed intake.

Make it a point to save those pumpkin seeds the next time you’re baking a pie or making a stew.

Apart from being packed with zinc that can boost your sexual drive, these seeds are also high in niacin and vitamins B, C, E and K. Gather them on a baking tray and season with salt and pepper.

Coat them with a bit of olive oil and put in the oven until they turn brown. These roasted pumpkin seeds pair nicely with your favorite beer, too.

When was the last time you had chilies?

Capsaicin is the natural compound that makes chili peppers spicy.

Apart from giving your tongue a tingling burn with every bite, it also improves blood flow in your body that makes achieving a stable erection a breeze.

Studies show that regularly consuming chilies also helps raise the body’s metabolism rate and keep the excess weight off as well.

Take your sex drive up a notch with garlic.

Now while garlic may not be the first thing that pops in your head when you think about aphrodisiacs, it’s actually one of the most effective ingredients that can raise your libido through the roof if eaten regularly.

A compound in garlic called allicin promotes blood flow to your penis and maintains the elasticity of tissues that stretch during erection.

Just make sure you’ve got a lot of breath mints on hand to avoid making your lover turn the other way when you lean in for a kiss.

Go all in with almonds.

Now while nuts in general are loaded with essential fatty acids that make achieving a stable erection a snap, almonds are discovered to have the highest concentration among all of them.

You can use these crunchy delights as toppings for desserts or as delicious snacks when roasted with spices. Upping your fiber intake also helps a lot.

Is she avoiding sex with you because of these reasons?

Is she avoiding sex with you because of these reasons?

A lot of men mistakenly think that their lovers will always have sex with them no matter what.

Now while this may sound surprising, not keeping a close eye on a few things can easily pull down your chances of getting her between the sheets to zero if you’re not very careful.

So if you’re noticing that she’s not that interested in sex with you anymore no matter how hard you try warming her up in bed, here are the possible reasons why…

Your hygiene sucks.

Looking and smelling good should be on top of your checklist if you’re planning to convince your lover to have sex with you.

Women can’t fully become sexually aroused if the nasal and visual cues you send out are less than favorable to them. Make it a point to take regular showers and use deodorant. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.

Your overall wellness needs improvement.

Sex and overall physical fitness go together.

Not paying a close eye on your health means that you’ll have problems between the sheets sooner or later. Make it a point to exercise at least half an hour daily.

Apart from optimizing blood flow in your body and boosting your ability to get rock hard on demand, regular exercise also improves your physical appearance. You aren’t only the one affected by that bulging belly or flabby arms, you know.

Your bedroom needs cleaning and organizing.

A lot of guys tend to forget that they need to give their bedrooms adequate attention if they’re looking to keep the fires of sexual passion burning with their partners.

Besides making sure that your bedroom is kept clean and organized always, it is also a good idea to add a touch of pizzazz to make it easier to warm your lover up when you feel a bit frisky.

Integrating her favorite scents and aesthetic touches into the mix greatly improves your chances of making her always say yes to your sexual advances as well.

Your stress levels are through the roof.

Although stress is a normal part of a man’s life, going through a lot of it at one time can easily screw up your life, not mentioning the damage it will bring between the sheets.

Make sure you identify your stressors and manage them properly as soon as you can. Always keep in mind that although it’s impossible to totally get rid of all the things that stress you, knowing what they are can help you find ways to deal with them better.

How working out can boost your sex life.

How working out can boost your sex life.

Now while this may sound surprising, there is a link between regular exercise and having the ideal sexual stamina.

Sure you may think that simply getting an erection at the drop of a hat is enough to please your lover between the sheets, not working out as regularly as you should can easily lead to bigger sexual problems in the long run.

Unlike what most guys think, working out regularly is not just for fitness buffs. Besides helping you improve your performance in the bedroom, making exercise a mainstay in your schedule will also lead to amazing benefits that will surely do your body good.

Let me explain what I mean…

Your overall circulation improves.

Achieving a stable erection is all about channeling the right amount of blood to your penis.

Regular exercise stimulates veins and arteries in your body, making it easier for them to readily supply blood to your organ when things get hot in the bedroom.

Just to make the whole thing even more awesome, optimizing your body’s blood flow also boosts your energy levels during lovemaking.

Your muscle tone gets better.

Sweating it out frequently flexes muscles that play a significant role during sex, like the legs, inner thighs, arms and pelvic muscles.

Apart from making them stronger, giving them a regular workout also makes them look sexier. Start off with low-impact exercises like walking and jogging.

Once you get your rhythm, amp up your intensity and explore more workouts you can do like weights training.

You become happier.

It’s true that you can get a natural high after having a vigorous exercise.

Sweating it out even for at least 15 minutes daily releases endorphins in your brain, which are natural chemicals that won’t just make you feel happier but also more confident as a person.

This also means that regular exercise will prevent you from becoming sexually anxious, which can easily ruin a promising lovemaking session in a pinch.

You’ll last longer during lovemaking.

Premature ejaculation is primarily caused by not being able to control your muscles. Now while you may think that you already have

Now while you may think that you already have absolute muscle control to help you extend your bedroom playing time easily, chances are there is still room for improvement.

Simply exercising half an hour daily already enhances muscle control in your body effectively.

Unlike what most guys think, it’s not just the arms and legs that get improved with regular exercise. Even the pelvic core is made stronger with just a few minutes of working out each day. You’ll be surprised how much longer you’ll last when you start making exercise a regular in your schedule.

You’ll be surprised how much longer you’ll last when you start making exercise a regular in your schedule.

Things you shouldn't do when you're having sex.

Things you shouldn’t do when you’re having sex.

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced ejaculating sooner than you’d like to during a sex session with your lover.

Now while going through it every so often is completely normal for most guys, experiencing premature ejaculation just every time you’re making love can easily mean that you have a problem you need to fix fast.

This problem is called lack of confidence.

Sure lack of self-confidence may not sound as technical as you’ve imagined, but not having the right amount of it can easily affect how long you last during lovemaking and even your performance between the sheets.

Let me explain what I mean…

Confidence plays a very big role inside the bedroom as much as it does outside of it.

Apart from helping you easily get rock hard on demand and keeping an erection long enough to sexually satisfy your lover, it also helps you channel you inner Casanova to really fire her up between the sheets.

The bottom line is that the lack of confidence simply screws up the whole sexual experience not just for you, but also for your lover. So if you’re looking to easily improve your confidence levels in the bedroom, here are a few important pointers that you should keep in mind…

Think you’re not big enough.

A lot of men mistakenly believe that penile size is what primarily counts when it comes to sexually pleasuring a woman.

The sensitive nerve endings that are responsible for giving women sexual pleasure are located in the first 2-3 inches of the vagina.

Unless you’re born with an abnormally small penis, you’re guaranteed to satisfy a woman during sex if you just know what you’re doing.

Think that you will ejaculate prematurely.

Most guys experience premature ejaculation because they think that they will go through it right from the start of their lovemaking session with their partners.

The mind can be your greatest ally or your biggest enemy during sex. You are basically programming your brain to force your body to achieve orgasm earlier than you’d like when thinking these thoughts.

Just think about how you’ll give your lover maximum sexual pleasure instead.

Don’t focus on her pleasure.

A lot of men simply ejaculate prematurely because they get so caught up in the moment that they forget that it’s their partners that should get more sexual attention.

The next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom, just remember to get the sexual spotlight on her more than you. Chances are you’ll be very surprised how much longer you will last.