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So you want to make your girlfriend feel more loved...

So you want to make your girlfriend feel more loved…

Making your girlfriend feel that you really love her is very important when it comes to maintaining the closeness and intimacy between the two of you.

Unless you make her feel this way, chances are you’re going to have problems in your relationship sooner or later. There’s also a very big possibility that your girlfriend will leave you before you know it.

But the thing is you can do more than just saying “I love you” to her in a regular basis as well as giving her flowers and chocolates. Make sure you follow along to find out a few unconventional ways to get the job done…

Send her sweet text messages.

Keeping in mind to take your text messages to a whole new level is one strategy that you can use to make your girlfriend really loved.

Instead of simply texting your girlfriend to ask where she is or how she’s doing, make it a point to tell her that you feel like you’re walking on the clouds when you see her smile or perhaps you feel tingly all over when you two kiss.

Sure this sounds rather simplistic right now, but these kind of text messages promote the release of positive hormones that make her happy and excited. (You can also use text messages to get her sexually aroused while at it.)

Cook for her.

You’ll be very surprised how much loved and cared for your girlfriend feels when you’re the one whipping up the dishes on your next date.

I’m not saying that you should have a crash course on cooking 5-star meals to pull this off. Learning how to cook can take a bit of time to perfect the whole thing. You can simply start by preparing tasty sandwiches, sundaes and beverages like smoothies and milkshakes will already do the trick.

Just be sure to move up to the more intricate recipes when you get the hang of it. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate the effort.

Leave love notes in places where she will find them.

I know you think love notes are a bit passé, but they sure get the job done when you’re looking to make her feel warm and fuzzy all over.

They don’t have to be superbly written just to draw out the effect you’re hoping to achieve. Simply tell her how much you love her and how much you care for her when penning them and you’re already on the right track.

You can leave them in her drawer, purse or bag.


Keep clear from these first date conversation no-no’s!

So you’ve finally convinced the woman you’ve got your eye on to go on a first date with you and you’d like to ace the whole thing…

But the thing is acing a first date is more than just picking a nice venue, looking and smelling great as well as getting a meaningful conversation going while at it.

You should also keep a close eye on the conversation topics that you choose to start a conversation with her. And a lot of men tend to overlook the following that could easily ruin a first date in no time…

Your exes

Now while establishing a romantic connection with her is one of your priorities when you’re taking her out for the first time, getting your exes in the picture is a big no-no that you should keep clear of.

This is because you will only give her the notion that you still haven’t gotten over them completely and you are not ready for a new relationship yet. And that’s going to dampen your chances of convincing her to go on a second date with you, too.

Your ideal marriage and family

Unlike guys who are primarily compelled to go on a date with a woman to get their chances of starting a romantic relationship with her, women generally go on dates to make friends.

And you’ll just end up creeping her out when you discuss your plans of marrying and having a family when having a conversation with your date.

She’ll just feel really anxious and impatient when you do this. A better way to do this would be to talk about trivial things like what your family does during holidays or your best vacation memories with your siblings.

Your biological clock

Come to think of it. If you put yourself in your date’s shoes and you hear about how he’s getting old and he needs to settle down, that’s just plain weird, right? Enough said. This is quite similar to the previous item, but it’s too weird not to give another go.

Your previous bad first dates

Badmouthing your previous bad dates is a very big no-no when you go out with a woman the first time. This simply gives the woman you’re out with the notion that if your date won’t go as planned, you’ll badmouth her in your future dates as well.

Why not replicate the good stuff that happened in your previous dates to make your present one as amazing as can be for her?

Always keep clear of these first date mistakes!

Always keep clear of these first date mistakes!

Chances are convincing a woman to go on a second date with you is the top item in your checklist when you go out with her for the very first time.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that your success rate of successfully getting a second date is not like what it used to these days.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to convincing women to go out with you a second time though. There’s a big possibility that you’re just making a few first date no-no’s.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these are…

You take her to an extra posh place.

Now while you may think that picking out the most expensive and most extravagant restaurant in town is one way of impressing a woman on your first date, this is actually a misconception.

This is because she will have the notion that she’s going to something rather serious and unfriendly like a job interview instead of a date.

Instead of picking some ultra posh place, make it a point to let your date decide where she wants to have it. Besides making her feel more relaxed around you, she also won’t be that reserved when you’re having a conversation.

You don’t switch off your mobile phone.

The next time you go out on a first date, keep in mind to switch off your mobile phone or perhaps toggle it on silent mode. This also applies to other gadgets like mp3 players and tablets that you may have with you.

This is because neglecting to do so will simply make your date feel that you’re not really into her and will become quite anxious and impatient while at it.

Sure the temptation to post a new tweet or status update may be great, but come to think of it. Is it really worth it that you’re putting your chances of scoring a second date at risk?

You talk about serious and complicated stuff.

Now while we’ve previously discussed the importance of stimulating a woman’s brain when it comes to dating (as well as prepping her up for action in between the sheets), overdoing the whole thing will only lead to disaster.

And while we’re on the subject, keep in mind not to talk about complicated computer programs, religion, past relationships as well as you biological clock to prevent her from feeling crept out in the process.


You're sure to have regular exercise in your regular schedule when you finish reading this...

You’re sure to have regular exercise in your regular schedule when you finish reading this…

Your sexual stamina plays a very important role when it comes to giving your lover the satisfaction she’s always wanted between the sheets.

If you’ve got the right amount of sexual stamina, chances are you’re on your way to really wowing her when the action starts.

However, there’s a very big possibility that the whole experience will be flat for your partner when your sexual stamina levels are on the low side.

There is no need to worry just yet though if you think that your sexual stamina needs a bit of a boost these days. Here are a few quick pointers that will surely do the trick in no time:

Take on a more active lifestyle.

At its simplest, your sexual stamina is basically how much staying power you’ve got when things get hot in the bedroom. What’s really interesting is it can go higher or lower over time depending on how exposed you are in terms of physical activity.

The more active you are, the higher your sexual stamina levels will become. The exact opposite goes when you’re not sweating it out like you should.

Keep in mind to have at least 15 to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise each day. I’m not saying that you should become a hardcore gym buff to pull this off. Simply having brisk walking, biking or jogging in your regular schedule will already do.

Be more conscious of your diet.

What you eat and drink in a regular basis can easily affect your sexual stamina levels.

If you load up on the right stuff like fruits and vegetables, your body won’t just be able to get all the necessary nutrients you need to keep your body functioning up to par, but also store the ideal energy and endurance levels that are critical to your sexual stamina.

Although I am not saying that you shouldn’t indulge in your favorite comfort foods once in a while, it’s important to keep in mind that you should only enjoy them occasionally. The same goes for drinking your favorite brew.

Kick your smoking habit.

Sure taking a drag of your favorite cigarette may help you ease stress and relax, but you’re getting more than a dose of nicotine each time you have a puff.

See, cigarette smoke contains numerous harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar and a lot more, which can lead to health issues like lung cancer, emphysema and even erectile dysfunction in the long run.