Last Longer In Bed Techniques

Specific techniques you can use to last longer in bed

Jogging and improving your sexual performance is great combination.

Unlike what most guys think, jogging is not only exclusive for fitness buffs.

Now while this may sound surprising, making it a habit to have a quick run regularly is not just about building up and toning muscles or shedding off excess weight. It’s also about getting stronger erections when things get hot in the bedroom and more.

Let me explain what I mean…

You see, jogging is one of the best exercises to keep the heart as healthy as ever. Apart from optimizing the heart’s ability to pump blood all over the body, it also intensifies its strength to maintain regular heartbeat patterns and prevent cardiovascular risks like arrhythmia.

If you already think that’s awesome, here are a few more jogging benefits that are definitely going to help you become a better lover easily…

Say goodbye to sexual anxiety forever.

Sexual anxiety is a type of extreme worry most men go through when they feel that they aren’t giving their lovers the pleasure they’ve always wanted in bed. Besides prematurely ejaculating, guys who experience sexual anxiety can also have problems getting a stable erection.

Making it a habit to spend at least fifteen minutes jogging daily encourages the production of dopamine in your brain, giving you a natural high that, in turn, makes you happier and more confident. And that also includes becoming more self-assured between the sheets, which also makes achieving a stable erection a breeze.

Leg cramps? You’ll forget about them…especially in the bedroom.

One of the worst things you can go through during sex is getting sudden leg aches that significantly make movement literally a pain. It’s either you completely stop your lovemaking session or carry on but not have the same levels of pleasure you’d like to have.

Jogging fixes this by getting your muscles used to strenuous movement. Since your leg muscles are already accustomed to constant exertion of force, you won’t ever have to deal with unexpected and rather annoying pains while getting busy between the sheets.

Go the extra mile and more during lovemaking.

All in all, sex is basically a form of exercise. It’s an activity that saps your body of energy. And unless your body is used to getting worked up for long periods of time, chances are you’ll last sooner than you’d like to between the sheets.

Jogging helps you last longer in bed by boosting your stamina levels. Since it also helps your lungs bring in more oxygen faster and easier, you won’t see yourself getting out of breath during lovemaking as well.

This means kicking your smoking habit as soon as possible, too!

You won’t believe how beneficial regular exercise is to your manhood.

If you’re anything like most men, giving your lover an awesome time when things get hot and heavy between the sheets is definitely the biggest priority in your sexual checklist.

However, there is a big chance you won’t do just that if you’re not exercising regularly.

Now while this may sound surprising, not having exercise in your regular schedule can easily make your sexual performance dip down.

So if you’re looking to wow your lover always when you two get frisky, here are a few reasons that will make your sex sessions really better if you make it a habit to sweat it out at least 15 minutes every day…

Your overall circulation will definitely improve.

Blood is one of the major players when lovemaking is concerned. Apart from being one of the factors that can give you a stable erection, it also intensifies the pleasurable sensations that you experience when your erogenous zones are stimulated.

So just imagine what will happen if your circulation isn’t up to par. It’s either you’ll end up getting really tired before you get your A-game going or you won’t get a strong erection while at it.

There’s no need to reach for pills and other artificial stuff that promise to do just that though. You only need to start a regular exercise regimen. Simply making it a habit to sweat it out improves your blood circulation sooner than you think.

Your energy levels are sure to become better.

At its simplest, you are basically improving your system’s ability to store energy when you go for a jog or take your bike out for a spin in a frequent basis. This is mainly because you’re strengthening vital organs like the heart and lungs that play key roles when it comes to keeping you going in the bedroom.

When these vital organs aren’t kept in shape, chances are you’re going to feel quite exhausted before you’ve really started when you and your lover get in action between the sheets. The healthier these vital organs are…well, you can expect you won’t be feeling tired anytime soon when you should be fired up.

Your body’s production of feel-good hormones will perk up.

Feel-good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin are essential when enjoying sex is concerned. Besides making it possible to get you hard and keep you that way, they also turn the sensitivity levels of your skin through the roof when you are sexually aroused.

And one way to boost your body’s ability to let loose mood-altering hormones when you and your lover want to get in action? Exercise. How about integrating it in your schedule and surprise your partner the next time things get steamy in the bedroom?

You’re sure going to be sad when your sexual stamina fizzles out!

Your ability to give your lover a sex session that she won’t forget anytime greatly depends on your lasting power between the sheets.

Unless you’ve got the lasting power to really give your partner the pleasurable sensations she wants in bed, chances are you won’t make her reach the Big O even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

But the thing is that you don’t have to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff that claim to help you extend your bedroom playing time. There are actually simple and natural ways to do just that.

Here’s a quick checklist of the key factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to really taking your sexual stamina up a notch in no time:

Are your bad habits bringing down your sexual stamina?

I’m pretty sure you are finding this one a bit surprising, but your habits can easily boost or disrupt your sexual stamina. If the habits you have do your body good, then you won’t have a problem maintaining your lasting power between the sheets.

But the thing is that if you habitually smoke or perhaps drink a lot, it will set off a negative reaction in your body that can affect your overall circulation. And when that’s compromised, your sexual stamina is also going to be affected.

So how much exercise have you done this week?

Sweating it out in a regular basis not only helps maintain the ideal function of your organs, muscles and bones that play a key role in terms of movement, but also keep your blood flow in tiptop shape.

Make it a point to keep a regular exercise regimen in your schedule. I’m not saying that you should become a hardcore gym buff to pull this off. Just having a 15 to 20 minute bout of vigorous brisk walking, jogging or biking will already do the trick.

You are what you eat.

What you regularly load up on can easily have a big effect on your sexual stamina. Unless you make it a point to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to function up to par, you’re sure to notice that you’ll last sooner than you’d like to during lovemaking.

Keep in mind to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet as well as down at least six to eight glasses of water a day. Enjoying moderate portions of your favorite brew from time to time also helps optimize the circulation, too.

Are you noticing that your sexual stamina is fizzling out?

So you’re noticing that your sexual stamina isn’t as powerful as it used to when things get steamy in the bedroom…

However, this isn’t the time to reach for pills that claim to boost your sexual stamina up a notch, but can have negative effects to your body sooner or later. You only have to pinpoint the reasons why you’re not as energetic between the sheets nowadays.

And here are a few key factors that can easily sap you of your sexual stamina sooner or later:

Reason #1: You’re loading up on the wrong stuff.

Sure having a bite of your favorite snacks and comfort foods every now and then is perfectly alright, loading up frequently on stuff that are too salty or oily can affect your sexual stamina the least you expect it.

Aside from making sure that you have fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, keep in mind to drink lots of water as well as having fiber a mainstay in your menu like oatmeal and leafy greens.

Reason #2: You’re not working out like you should.

Sweating it out in a regular basis basically helps you build your body’s energy reserves. Doing it daily for at least 15 minutes easily bolsters not just your stamina, but also conditions your muscles to do their job efficiently when you and your lover get in action in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that you should kick things off by instantly becoming a fitness buff to pull the whole thing off. Having a vigorous walking and jogging regimen should get you on the right track without a fuss.

Reason #3: Your vices are already off the top.

Now while there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying your favorite drink at the end of the day, remembering to keep things as moderate as possible is a priority if you’re looking to maintain your sexual stamina.

Overdoing it can easily constrict channels in your body where blood flows like blood vessels, veins and arteries. Apart from making it rather difficult for our body to repair and rejuvenate itself, which can lower your stamina levels when things get steamy in bed, you will also find it tricky to get a stable erection going during sexual arousal.

Although loading up on a reasonable amount of alcohol can actually help improve blood flow, simply getting tanked every time you indulge in it is definitely going to take a toll on your sexual stamina. Remarkably, you should quit smoking as early as now since it doesn’t have any benefits to the body at all.