Foreplay Tips

Rock her world during sex with these tips!

Rock her world during sex with these tips!

When it comes to sex, I’m betting that one of your biggest priorities is blowing your lover’s mind with an orgasm or two during the action.

Apart from making your partner experience loads of toe-curling pleasurable sensations, she will also be more excited to have a go at it between the sheets with you if she’s sure to have a Big O each and every time.

However, a lot of guys seem to mistakenly believe that making a beeline to the clitoris and stimulating it like there’s no tomorrow is the key to giving a woman an orgasm.

Sure doing this will produce some pleasurable sensations, but they will be mostly awkward and will become rather uncomfortable sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to boost your chances of giving your lover an orgasm, here are some simple ways that you should keep in mind…

Prep up her mind first.

Unlike what most men think, foreplay doesn’t begin when you stimulate your lover’s erogenous zones. You can actually kick things off outside the bedroom by exciting her mind.

Besides calling her up unexpectedly for a quick, kinky chat or sending her text messages detailing graphic descriptions of what you’ll do to her as soon as you two get alone, you can also leave risqué notes in places she’s sure to find them.

Tease her erogenous zones.

Now while pleasuring your partner’s erogenous zones is a must to give her an orgasm, immediately zeroing in on them as soon as you get the chance won’t cut it. Start things off by stimulating the areas around them first.

Apart from properly firing up her erogenous zones so they will produce the ideal amounts of pleasurable sensations, you’ll also intensify the surge of positive hormones in her body even more leading to higher chances of orgasm for her.

Put her pleasure first before yours.

Keep in mind that your partner’s pleasure should be on top of your sexual checklist before yours. Don’t let yourself get carried away when you’re already sexually penetrating her. Vary your thrusts. Mix things up.

Always remember that if your lover feels that she’s going to have an amazing time when you’re already at it between the sheets, she will be more excited to have sex with you.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s a key tip to make sure that you will always get rock hard on demand.)

So you'd like to make her cum again...

So you’d like to make her cum again…

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that making your lover achieve orgasm (or two) during sex is absolutely one of the top priorities in your lovemaking checklist.

Apart from giving your partner lots of pleasurable sensations so she won’t forget your sex session anytime soon, she will be more excited to have a go at it in the bedroom more often.

How’s that for two for two?

But there’s only one problem. You’re simply noticing that your lover is having a tricky time cumming during lovemaking these days.

And that’s even if you’re already bring your sexual A-game into play, too.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. Chances are the following reasons are what’s keeping your partner from really achieving orgasm when the action’s hot between the sheets…

You’re neglecting your hygiene.

How you look and smell means a great deal to your lover. Besides being a crucial factor to turning her on, it also plays a key role when it comes to keeping her sexually aroused.

Make it a point to always keep your overall hygiene up to par. Apart from taking regular showers, it’s also a must to use deodorant as well as get rid of excess facial hair in the process.

Your bedroom is a mess.

The cleanliness and organization of your bedroom has a significant effect on the production and release of positive hormones to get your lover sexually aroused.

If she thinks your bedroom is a mess, it will be very difficult to make your partner feel really relaxed and comfortable, which is a requirement to get the sexual arousal process going.

Keep in mind to maintain the organization and cleanliness of your bedroom and you’re on the right track.

You go straight to penetration.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm involves more than just sexually penetrating her vagina.

You’ve also got to really prep her up for action by heating her up through foreplay. And unless you keep this in mind, your lover is going to find it quite difficult to reach the Big O.

(Here’s a useful oral sex tip that you should check out, too.)

You do the same things again and again.

Sure you already have an idea of the things that turns your partner on and the stuff she likes when you’re getting busy between the sheets, but simply doing the same techniques over and over isn’t going to cut it.

Mix things up each and every time and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Are you still having trouble convincing her to give you a BJ?

Are you still having trouble convincing her to give you a BJ?

Ah, blowjobs. I’m pretty sure that they’re definitely in your checklist when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

Besides making you experience a lot of pleasurable sensations, getting head from your lover is no doubt one of your biggest bedroom fantasies.

However, the problem is you’re still not convincing her to go down on you until now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a bout of oral sex from your partner, though.

Chances are the following reasons are keeping her from exploring south of your border during lovemaking…

You suddenly ask her for a BJ in the middle of sex.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that asking for a blowjob from a woman simply involves pausing in the middle of lovemaking and gently nudging her head in the direction of your penis.

Now while this move may work in porn movies, it’s rather tricky to pull the whole thing off in real life. See, this just makes her feel rushed and awkward.

Make it a point to discuss it way before the action to prep her up properly.

You don’t go down on her yourself.

Oral sex is basically a two-way street.

If you don’t make it a point to knock her socks off with an amazing round of cunnilingus when the two of you get busy in bed yourself, she won’t realize that the experience is both exciting and pleasurable.

So if you’d like your partner to give you oral action, take the lead and give her an experience she won’t forget anytime soon.

You don’t keep a close eye on your hygiene.

Now here’s the thing…

If you’re looking to convince your partner to take things orally down there, you’ve got to look and smell really nice. Keep in mind to be very conscious of your hygiene (especially in your nether region) and your chances of getting a BJ are sure to become higher.

You don’t keep your bedroom clean.

Like I’ve emphasized in an earlier post, your bedroom’s cleanliness can easily make or break her sexual arousal, which plays a key role in terms of convincing her to go down on you.

You don’t fire her up properly.

A woman’s sexual arousal directly affects the things she will be eager to take part in when things get hot in bed. If she’s not that fired up for action, she won’t be that enthusiastic to give the south of your border the TLC it deserves.

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes...

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes!

Properly firing up a woman for lovemaking is a must if you’re looking to give her a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from boosting your partner’s chances of making her achieve orgasm as you go along, it will also intensify the pleasurable sensations that she will experience in the process.

And just imagine the good things that you’ll be in for if you pull the whole thing off, right?

Now here’s the thing…

Sure you may already have an idea of the things that your lover likes when you’re already getting a foreplay session going, but did you know that you may be making a few mistakes while doing so?

Make sure you read on to learn more…

Not starting outside the bedroom.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, foreplay doesn’t start when you’re already heating things up in bed. You can actually start it up outside of the bedroom.

See, one of the key factors of foreplay that a lot of men tend to overlook is mental stimulation. I know this sounds surprising right now, but getting her mind going should definitely be on your foreplay checklist.

One simple way of getting the job done is texting her about the sexy things you’ll do to her the moment you two get alone.

You don’t ask her what she wants.

Most guys mistakenly believe that there is a pattern in foreplay. They think that they simply take note of the stuff that their partners like, do the same thing over and over and they’re good to go.

But the thing is foreplay doesn’t work like that. She’ll just end up feeling annoyed or uncomfortable. Or perhaps a combination of the two.

A woman will have different urges and desires each time you do it. So make it a point to ask your lover how she’d like to get things done to really make the experience awesome for her.

You make a beeline for the clitoris and breasts.

Sure a woman’s breasts and clitoris are no doubt two of the most sensitive erogenous zones that she has, but immediately zeroing in on them as soon as foreplay begins isn’t a good idea.

This is because you need to fire them up the right way or else they won’t produce the pleasurable sensations that they are capable of. She will simply feel uncomfortable in the process.