Dating Tips

These pointers can help you score a second date with her.

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced going on a first date with a woman you like and pretty much thought that you’ve got it all in the bag. But when you ask her to go out with you again, you, unfortunately, find out that she’s not too keen on having another date with you.

Now while there is no magic formula that will guarantee a woman will go on a second date with you, there are simple ways that can easily boost your chances of convincing her to do so. So if you’re looking to score that somewhat elusive date number two, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind…

No phone and gadgets ever.

Nothing ruins an otherwise amazing date than giving your mobile phone or some other device more attention than the woman you’re with. You will only give her the notion that you’re impatient and would like to leave as soon as you can or perhaps someone who sees her that she’s not really worth your time. Either way a woman won’t be too happy to go out on a date with you again if you choose to stick your nose at your phone most of the time. (Remember to be punctual while we’re at it, too.)

Asking open-ended questions is the way to go.

A lot of guys make the mistake of asking questions that can be easily answered by a simple yes or no during a first date. Besides making the woman you’re with feel extremely bored, she can also think that you don’t consider her as someone interesting to have a conversation with. Instead of asking her if she likes to cook, find out what her favorite recipes are. That easily gives you an idea how to maneuver your date to your advantage as well.

Keep your jokes appropriate and fun.

You may already know by now that getting humor in the picture is one effective strategy to use if you’d like to make a very nice impression on your date. Apart from making it easier for her to build a connection with you, she will think that you’re a nice guy and asking her out again won’t be a problem. Moreover, remember to stay clear from off-color jokes and other bits of crude humor that you normally share with other guys to avoid making her think that you’re getting fresh with her. You can always do that later when you two are much closer.

Chivalry is not dead.

Chivalry isn’t dead and showing your date that you’re one smooth chap is guaranteed to make her feel more eager to go on a second date with you. Don’t hesitate to pull her a chair, take off your coat when she feels chilly and basically making her feel that you’re her knight in shining armor.

How do you know if she’s really into you? Find out now!

A lot of men think that women are extremely tough to decode when it comes to knowing if they’re interested romance-wise.

However, this isn’t true.

Sure this may sound surprising, but women actually send out somewhat obvious cues when they’re really into a guy. So if you’re still having a tough time determining if a woman you like feels the same way about you, here are a few signs that you should keep in mind…

She doesn’t mind leaning into you when you talk.

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that she likes you. Women unknowingly become more outgoing when they are attracted to a guy. Besides sitting or standing closer to you than usual, they also appear to be very interested about the subject being discussed.

It isn’t tough to make her laugh.

Now while getting humor into play is a surefire technique to attract a woman, seeing one laughing at almost everything you say is a clear indication that she likes you. Just make sure not to overdo it though like popping an off-color joke or something similar since it can instantly ruin the mood.

She physically connects with you from time to time.

Touching is an unconscious way of telling a person that you care. So if you’re getting a casual pat here and a caress there from her, chances are she is attracted to you. Make sure you don’t take advantage of this by trying to touch her all over or else she’ll have a change of heart sooner than you think.

She wants you to try her food or drink.

Asking another person to give your drink or food a taste is an unconscious sign that you have a certain affinity with him or her. The next time she invites you rather enthusiastically to give her glass of wine or pasta a try, this already gives you an idea how she feels about you.

She mirrors your movements.

“Mirroring” is an activity seen among primates and mammals when they’re trying to attract another of their species as a mate. This is also something demonstrated by humans when they’re with someone they like. The next time you see a woman copying your mannerisms and movements, you can safely assume that she’s interested in you.

She doesn’t mind peeling off her garments in front of you.

As I have pointed out earlier, women tend to become a bit more outgoing than usual when they’re with a guy they like. Some don’t even mind taking off articles of clothing like jackets and coats in front of a man they’re interested in. If this happens to you, just imagine the other things she won’t mind taking off for you if you play your cards right…

Boost your chances of attracting women with these key pointers.

A lot of guys mistakenly think that attracting the ladies is as easy as memorizing a few pickup lines and having a handful of dollars to spend on nice presents.

Now while knowing how to carry on a conversation with a woman and letting her feel that she’s worth your time and attention is just two of the things you have to consider, there are actually other factors you need to keep in mind to pull it off as successfully as you can.

So if you’re looking to improve your chances of attracting a woman you like, here are the things that guys usually forget about when doing the same…

A proper introduction is an essential.

Many men forget that a proper introduction is needed to start breaking the ice with a woman. They believe that as long as they look and smell great, they’re sure to get their attention and eventually fall for them easily. Women aren’t very keen on interacting with strangers and if you’d like to start attracting her, it’s best to say hi and tell her your name first.

Focus your attention on her and not on your mobile phone.

Like I’ve emphasized earlier, making a woman feel that she’s totally worth all your time and attention is a priority if you’re planning to get her attracted to you. And you’re nowhere near achieving that if you’re mostly glued to your tablet, smartphone or some other gadget when you’re with her. Instead of establishing a connection with a woman, you’ll only make her feel ignored and unimportant, which is quite far from the results you’re aiming at.

Go for appropriate jokes and one-liners.

Women pretty much love to laugh and showing her that you have a great sense of humor is a smart way to make her feel attracted to you. However, some guys forget they’re getting too raunchy with the jokes that they tell and are already offending the woman they’d like to attract. Always remember to stick with the clean ones just to be extra safe.

Don’t dominate the exchange of ideas.

A lot of guys get too carried away when talking with a woman that they don’t notice they’re already monopolizing the conversation. Although it’s part of your job to carry on a meaningful conversation to make her attracted to you, it’s also important that you listen to what she has to say. Moreover, it’s also important that she chooses most of the topics that you will talk about and always go for open-ended questions to really get her going.

Looking to boost your chances of acing a first date?

Looking to boost your chances of acing a first date?

Acing a first date isn’t something that you can pull off by wearing loud clothes and acting like the alpha male as pushed by so-called “dating gurus.”

I’ve learned a few useful pointers during my extensive research into the female psychology that can help you boost your chances of convincing her to go out on a date with you again.

Make sure you read on to learn more…

Be very conscious of your grooming.

How you look and smell are the two key factors that a woman will check out when you’re going out on a first date with her.

Make it a point to really pull out all the stops in ensuring that you will look and smell like a million bucks.

Besides planning your outfit at least two days ahead, keeping in mind to wear clean shoes should also be a priority in your checklist.

Be punctual.

Arriving on time or earlier than designated gives her the message that you’re responsible and has good time management skills.

Make it a point to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of her on your first date to avoid having this effect on her.

You can also improve your first date checklist while you’re waiting for her.

Let her in on the planning.

Now while it’s the norm that guys should be in charge when it comes to planning a first date, letting her in on the same has its awesome benefits.

See, besides picking up a few things that you can use to dazzle her as you go along, you will also make her feel that you’re really into her.

How’s that for a few extra brownie points for you?

Ask trivial questions.

Engaging the woman you’re on a first date with in a conversation isn’t that tricky at all.

Starting things off with a trivial question like asking her what her favorite cartoon character is or perhaps the TV series that she’s following these days is a great strategy to have in your checklist.

And no matter how smart you think it is, leading with technical and complicated topics won’t cut it.

Put your phone on silent mode.

Putting your phone away during a first date not just helps you fully concentrate on the woman you’re out with, but also gives her the idea that you’re really into her.

I know this may be tricky to do, but putting those texts, videos, status updates and other stuff on hold actually boosts your chances of landing a second date.