3 Premature Ejaculation Cures – That Actually Work

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Learning Premature Ejaculation Cures Will Also Make Her Happy

In this article I want to show you 3 premature ejaculation cures that are 100% natural and can help you last significantly longer in bed… Tonight…

Now, to be able to last longer in bed you’ve firstly got to understand what causes us men to orgasm.

Because the bottom line is we don’t just orgasm out of no where.

Orgasms happen for a reason and they always have a cause.

And if we can understand the causes of orgasm and then change those causes, we have the power to last longer in bed.

Let me be more specific…

One cause of orgasm is high levels of physical tension in the body.

You may have noticed during sex that just before you orgasm your muscles, in particular your leg and butt muscles, will tense up…

And as you orgasm they’ll suddenly relax.

This is because orgasms are a release of tension.

And for an orgasm to happen there has to be tension in the body.

Here’s where being smart about the causes of orgasm comes in…

Remember how I just mentioned if we can understand what causes orgasm we can last longer?

Well one way to last longer then is to eliminate tension from the body.

By eliminating tension we remove the cause of orgasm and therefore last longer.

So the 3 cures I’d like to share with you are ways in which you can reduce the tension in your body and as a result, last longer.

Cure #1 – Get Her On Top

One of the best premature ejaculation cures is to use the sex position where she is on top, while you are lying flat on your back.

What’s great about this position for lasting longer is that in this position you have the unique opportunity to fully relax your leg and butt muscles.

In most other positions this just isn’t possible because generally you’re the one having to do the work which involves tensing of muscles.

With you on your back it’s a totally different story.

Since she’s the one doing most of the work in this position you can focus on really relaxing your leg and butt muscles.

And by relaxing those muscles you release tension from your body, which like I mentioned earlier, is a big cause of orgasm.

By eliminating that cause of orgasm you last longer.

Cure #2 – Deep Breathing

Another great way to eliminate that unwanted tension from your body is with deep breathing.

This is often totally counter-intuitive for men during sex, because instinct will have us unconsciously breathing shallow and fast.

This is just how are bodies naturally act during sex.

But unfortunately this only leads to premature ejaculation, because quick shallow breathing INCREASES tension in our bodies.

So taking a minute during sex to focus solely on slow deep breathing can help you dramatically increase how long you last in bed.

Cure #3 – Visualization

Now I never used to be someone who was into “visualization” and all that “weird” stuff, but after I heard people talking about visualization for like the ten thousandth time I decided to actually give it a go…

And I suggest you do to.

Because visualizing is a great addition to the premature ejaculation cures I’ve already mentioned, especially when it comes to relaxing and eliminating tension.

Although PHYSICAL tension is what is actually needed to orgasm the thoughts going through our head dramatically influence your physical tension.

For example, if you’re super-nervous and worrying intensely about sex then the chances are your body will be tensing up too.

Whereas as if you’re super-cool and you’re visualizing yourself being cooler than James Bond then your body will have a completely different level of tension… most likely a lot closer to NO tension than if you’re worrying intensely.

As “new age” as it might sound to use visualization to help you relax and last longer just go ahead and try it.

Visualize yourself being relaxed, in control and lasting longer and you’ll find it’s one of the best premature ejaculation cures around.

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