Read This If You’re Still Having Trouble Convincing Her To Give You Head

These pointers can help boost your chances of finally getting some head from her.

I won’t lie to you.

Based on personal experience – or sexperience, if you will – BJ’s are simply awesome. Besides feeling great, getting head is also one of the manliest experiences that you’ll ever go through.

How about you? Do you have a similar viewpoint about blowjobs?

However, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails on the subject, especially on how to convince a woman to go down on you, these past few days. And to help those who need a bit of assistance in this department, this post is for you.

So without further ado, let’s get the whole thing going…

A lot of guys consider blowjobs as one of the things that should be always on their sexual checklist when they get in action between the sheets.

However, what makes things a bit interesting is that most women aren’t that too excited to give oral sex when things get hot in the bedroom because of a few simple factors.

So if you’re looking to improve your chances of getting more action downtown from your lover, here are the key factors that can easily break your chances of getting a blowjob almost instantly…

You think you’re entitled to get a BJ session from her.

Although women like to have sex as much as men do, they need a bit of time to adjust when it comes to trying new stuff in bed. Sure encouraging your lover to give your oral sex is nice, but pestering her about it just every time you get frisky is a different story.

Don’t feel bad if she isn’t up for oral sex the first or second try. Wait until you think she’s ready to handle it. Patience is a virtue when oral sex is concerned and you’ll be nicely rewarded if you just hang on. Make sure you beef up your efforts at stimulating her mentally while you’re at it to speed the whole thing up, too.

You don’t go down on her like you should.

Now while this may sound surprising, it takes your initiative to go down on your lover before she will be eager to give you the same treatment. However, you shouldn’t consider this as a favor or else you won’t change her mindset about blowjobs successfully.

Make sure you always pleasure your partner orally every time things get hot in the bedroom. Always stimulate her vagina, clitoris and other erogenous hot spots in and around her groin area during sex to give her the impression that you really like going down on her. You’ll be just surprised how fast she’ll want go down on you sooner or later.

Your personal hygiene needs improvement.

Women are very inherently particular with visual and nasal cues when it comes to oral sex. In simpler terms, you have to smell and look good to them or else you won’t be able to convince her to go down on you anytime soon.

Make it a point to shower regularly and give your privates a really good scrubbing if you’re planning to make your lover give you oral sex. Trimming your pubic hair is also a smart idea while you’re at it.

And here’s a cool bonus: perking up your overall hygiene helps boost your chances of making her say yes to action in bed, too.

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