4 Great Reasons Why Dark Chocolate Should Be On Your Treat List

You’re sure to have dark chocolate in your regular diet from now on…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably don’t have dark chocolate on your regular diet as much as bacon and pizza. It’s rather bitter and flavorless if you ask me.

I used to steer clear of this treat myself…until I came across some very interesting journals while dropping by the local library the other day.

But the thing is you’re definitely missing out on a lot when it comes to sex if you’re not munching on this bittersweet treat from time to time.

(A disclaimer here, though. Now while dark chocolate may be quite beneficial to you, eating it moderately is also a good thing to keep in mind.)

Let me explain what I mean…

Awesome Benefit #1: Your good cholesterol levels spike.

Now while this may sound surprising, not all cholesterol is bad. There is also good cholesterol, which is present in dark chocolate. Apart from helping keep your overall health up to par, good cholesterol also staves off the accumulation of plaque along the blood vessels that can disrupt blood flow, which can affect your ability to get rock hard on demand.

Awesome Benefit #2: Your libido gets a boost.

When it comes to boosting your sex drive, having a bite or two of dark chocolate is perhaps one of the smartest decisions you will go for because it contains phenylethylamine. And if you’re not very familiar about this natural chemical, phenylethylamine is a stimulant that helps elevate libido when consumed in a regular basis.

Phenylethylamine basically works by increasing the production of dopamine in the body, a hormone that plays a key role in sexual arousal and intensifying the pleasurable sensations experienced during lovemaking.

Awesome Benefit #3: Your circulation is optimized.

Achieving a stable erection during sexual arousal is all about having a sufficient amount of blood directed to the erectile tissues in the penis. A man is either going to have a weak erection or none at all if these tissues do not get the right amount of blood they need.

Dark chocolate contains a lot of L-arginine, a type of amino acid, that helps perk up the blood vessels and improve their overall function. It is also a natural component that helps prevent hypertension.

If not dealt with properly, hypertension won’t just lead to unexpected bouts of erectile dysfunction, but also serious health problems like stroke, cardiovascular disease and heart attack in the long run.

Awesome Benefit #4: You’ll become a better lover.

There are fairly high amounts of theobromine, an energy-boosting compound, found in dark chocolate. Apart from intensifying the release of hormones that make you feel excited and energized, theobromine also helps improve the overall function of the central nervous system.

Theobromine is also found in other sources, such as kola nuts as well as all types of teas. It is also an ingredient in some energy drinks.

And just so you don’t forget…

While dark chocolate may be quite beneficial to you, eating it moderately is also a good thing to keep in mind.

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