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Feeling your sexual stamina is fizzling out? These bad habits may be the reason why.

Your sexual stamina can easily make or break your performance when things get hot in the bedroom.

When it comes to lovemaking, there is a very big chance that you’d like to last long enough to give your partner the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted. However, you’re noticing that your sexual stamina seems to be not up to par these days.

This is not the time to reach for pills, creams and similar artificial products that claim to bring back your intensity when things get hot and steamy in the bedroom. You’re just probably experiencing the effects of bad habits that can make you sexual stamina dip down.

And if you’re looking to boost your sexual stamina levels up a notch and pleasure your lover in the bed like you used to, here are a few important things to keep in mind…

So you’re an enthusiastic smoker…

Sure you may feel relaxed and de-stressing when you take a puff of your favorite brand of cigarettes, but it is actually one of the biggest reasons why your sexual stamina is deteriorating.

This is because you are introducing lots of toxic chemicals into your system with each puff that can constrict the flow of blood. And when blood flow is inhibited, it can easily have an adverse effect to your energy levels during sex because you need a steady supply of it to keep going.

And one very scary thing insufficient blood flow causes is not getting strong erections in the long run. Are you convinced to quit smoking now?

So you don’t exercise regularly….

Your body naturally builds up its energy reserves by physical movement. If you make it a habit to exercise in a regular basis, your energy levels will go up and give your lover the sexual pleasure she wants when you two get frisky.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle though, your energy levels can dip down (same thing applies when you habitually sit down for very long periods of time). And when this happens, your sexual stamina can take nosedive while at it as well.

So you like munching on junk food…

Now while having a bite or two of your favorite brand of chips or fries is perfectly fine as long as you do it just once or twice, eating them in a regular basis can lead to health issues that can lead to poor sexual stamina in the long run.

Aside from spiking up your blood pressure level, frequently munching on junk foods can also lead to rising bad cholesterol levels and other wellness problems that can leave you weak when things get hot in bed.

Is her sex drive not what it used to be these days?

If you’re anything like most men, getting your partner in the mood for sex is the very first item in your bedroom checklist. Besides getting her ready for action, your chances of making her get an orgasm are also multiplied when you pull this off properly.

Sure you may have got a lot of awesome foreplay and sexual tricks up your sleeve, but your lover won’t be getting in the mood to jump between the sheets with you anytime soon if you keep on making these mistakes that will stop her from becoming full on sexually aroused.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are and even learn a few pointers that will have her want to make things spicy in the bedroom again.

Pay closer attention to your hygiene.

Women are very particular with visual and nasal cues to get sexually aroused. In simpler terms, you won’t betting getting lucky with your partner if you smell and look bad. Make it a point to be more conscious of your overall hygiene to really make her want to get in action in bed…and maintain the quality of your erections as well.

Apart from taking regular showers, dressing appropriately and using deodorant, it’s also smart to brush your teeth as well as get rid of unruly nose and ear hairs while you’re at it. Top it off with a pleasant cologne or perfume and you’re sure to get her going if you play your cards right.

Be more sensitive with her feelings.

Perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make that will immediately ruin your chances of having sex with your partner is being indifferent to her emotions. Interestingly, women can’t get in the mood no matter how hard you try if they’re feeling a bit under the sun.

Make sure you ask your lover if she’s angry, frustrated or anxious and do your best to fix them before you start making your moves on her. These negative emotions only prevent her hormones from sending messages to her brain that get her sexually aroused.

Are you doing the same stuff over and over?

Repetitiveness is one significant reason why she’s not having sex with you. Although you may already know how to make her squirm and moan between the sheets, doing the same stuff over and over will make her somewhat immune to the sensations that she’ll get along the way.

Now while I am not saying that you should reinvent the wheel on this one, make sure you come up with new ways to stimulate her pleasure zones differently. Take on a new style when you sizzle up her clitoris, breasts and similar erogenous hot spots and you’re definitely back in business.

Your sex life could be at risk if you’re really into oily and fatty snacks.

Now while oily snacks are probably on your list of favorite things to munch on, excessively loading up on them won’t just lead to packing on a few extra pounds. Making them a mainstay on your menu will also cause a few other problems that can affect your performance in the bedroom.

I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll definitely find out more when you follow along. Here are some cool reasons why controlling your intake of fried chicken, tacos and other greasy edibles can help you stay a good lover.

Your performance in the bedroom can falter sooner or later.

One very important element when it comes to giving a woman the satisfaction she needs between the sheets is staying power, which simply means not getting tired right in the middle of your sex session. Just imagine how disappointed your lover will be when your sexual stamina is already on the low end and she’s still in the mood for action between the sheets.

See, now while oily foods may contain a few calories that the body needs to function properly, the rest of them are of no use to the system. Sure eating them may give you the sensation of being full, but you’re actually not nourished completely and can even have a disastrous effect on your energy levels.

So if you’re looking to really last long in bed, make it a point not to go overboard with the pork rinds and other greasy concoctions you love to eat. They are not energy boosters and will only have the opposite effect on your body.

Your ability to get a strong erection can be compromised before you know it.

Overindulging in oily foods encourages the development of plaque, which is one of the effects when bad cholesterol accumulates in the system. Plaque basically builds up along the passageways of the veins and arteries, which can significantly disrupt the distribution of blood in the body.

And if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably have picked up that blood plays a key role in achieving a stable erection. See, during sexual arousal, the brain sends a more than usual amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to get it rock hard. Unless these erectile tissues get the blood they need, you will either have a weak erection or perhaps something to the tune of none at all.

Always keep in mind that while enjoying your favorite oily foods once or twice is alright, making it a daily habit to eat them will only lead to disaster the next time things get hot in the bedroom. Make it a point to munch on healthier stuff like fiber-rich oatmeal from now on to really rise up to the occasion.

Keep an eye on these signs to know if she’s really sexually aroused.

How sexually aroused a woman is plays a key role in giving her a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from having a significant effect on the pleasurable sensations that your partner will experience during the action, the chances that she’ll achieve orgasm while at it is also on the line.

But the thing is how do you really know if a woman is already – and genuinely – sexually aroused? Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it’s not that tricky to do.

Make sure you read on to learn 3 key signs that she’s fired up for action between the sheets…

Keep an eye on her breathing.

Perhaps the most prominent sign that your partner is already prepped up for lovemaking is her breathing will become heavier and shallower than usual.

This is one of the effects of the positive hormones that get churned out when her brain detects a certain stimulus that gets her turned on. It could be a smell, a sound or perhaps some sexy eye candy.

It is also not uncommon that her breath will become quite warm when this takes place.

Keep an eye on her body temperature.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard of the phrase “hot for sex.” This isn’t just wordplay, though. A woman’s body temperature will actually rise when she gets sexually aroused.

This is because the positive hormones that get released during sexual arousal direct a more than usual amount of blood all over the body. A part of this boosted circulation will go to her pelvic region to get her lady bits down there to start getting in action.

Make it a point to feel her skin while you’re stimulating her body to get an idea if she’s already ready to take things to a whole new level or you still need to fire her up more.

Keep an eye on her lips and body language.

What’s really interesting is I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that women tend to show subtle signs that they’re already sexually aroused.

Besides licking or biting her lips, your partner will also blush, arch their head and back as well as get more touchy-feely in the process.

There are a lot of other gestures that she can exhibit, too. Keep in mind to be more conscious of them while you’re heating her up in the bedroom.

(Make sure you keep an eye on your water intake as well to ensure that you’ll get rock hard on demand each and every time!)