Update Your Sexual Playbook With These Tricks

These sex tips are sure to fire up your lovemaking sessions even more!

These sex tips are sure to fire up your lovemaking sessions even more!

Making a woman really sexually aroused is definitely a very important factor when it comes to giving her a lovemaking session that will blow her mind.

A completely sexually aroused woman is going to be a sexually fulfilled woman.

Besides making her experience an overload of pleasurable sensations while the action is hot in the bedroom, making her reach the Big O also won’t be that tricky to pull off as you go along.

Now here’s the really interesting part…

I’ve picked up a few neat tricks during my extensive research into the female sexuality that you can use to really get her going for lovemaking. Make sure you read on to find out more…

Try sexting.

Sexting basically means “dirty texting.” You simply have to send her sexually charged text messages to do this. Sure this may sound a bit mild, but a woman’s imagination plays a key role when it comes to getting her turned on in bed.

Compliment her body as you go along.

A type of dirty talk, complimenting her body makes a woman feel that you are really into her. Make it a point to go all out when you do this and not settle for the weak stuff. Express your admiration for her breasts. Tell her how hot you become when you see her vagina.

Eat more celery.

Believe it or not, celery is packed with androstenone, a type of steroid that is found in human sweat and – wait for it – human pheromones. Chowing down on the stuff more often not just makes her feel more attracted to you in a sexual way, but you’re also getting a load of vitamins and minerals while at it as well. How’s that for an awesome bonus?

Don’t forget dirty talk.

Dirty talk is really straightforward. You simply have to talk dirty to your lover and you’re on your way to getting her imagination going. Dirty talk can be describing how hot her body is to you or perhaps outlining the things that you’ll do to her during your sex session.

Have a workout with her.

Now while this may sound surprising, having a workout with your partner helps release positive hormones and neurotransmitters that also get released during a woman’s sexual arousal. You’re basically doing a bit of a shortcut when this takes place. Choose a physical activity that you and your lover like and you’re good to go.

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