4 Mistakes You Should Keep Clear Of During A First Date

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Making a first date successful is no doubt your top priority when you’re taking out a woman for the first time.

But the thing is doing such that isn’t about following the advice of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” these days.

Pulling it off isn’t about acting like the alpha male or perhaps wearing loud clothes to make her think that she has to give you her utmost attention.

Acting like a jerk and having a bad get-up combined? Well, that’s the start of a really bad first date in my book.

However, I’ve compiled a few mistakes that you should avoid to help boost your chances of making her say yes to a second date.

Let me explain what I mean…

Arriving late.

Women are a bit particular with punctuality. If you arrive late on your first date, she might think that you’re irresponsible. And it’s going to have a big effect on your goal to score a second date even if you’re already pulling out all the stops while at it. Keep in mind to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier and you’re good to go.

Not planning your apparel ahead of time.

How you look and smell is a big deal when it comes to women. So you’re sure to elicit the wrong reaction from her when you show up with a hastily grabbed getup. Make it a point to plan your apparel two days before so you can easily see what works and what doesn’t.

Talking about complicated stuff.

Now while intelligence is sexy to women, kicking things off with complicated stuff when you’re trying to engage her in a conversation will just lead to disaster before you know it. This is because she’ll just think you’re trying too hard in the process. Ask trivial things like the name of her favorite cartoon character, the name of her first pet or perhaps the TV show she’s following these days and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Not getting and keeping eye contact.

So here’s the situation…

You’re basically giving her the idea that you’re hiding something when you can’t keep and maintain eye contact with the woman you’re on a first date with. If you’re having difficulty looking at her straight in the eye, try looking at the top of the bridge of her nose. Besides giving her the notion that you’re listening to her intently, it will also make her feel that you’re really into her.

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