4 Oral Sex Mistakes You Need To Always Avoid

Oral sex mistakes you need to keep clear of.

Oral sex mistakes you need to keep clear of.

Oral sex is no doubt one of the best strategies you can go for when it comes to giving a woman a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Now while you may already have a general idea of how to pull the whole thing off, there’s still a possibility that you’re making a few mistakes when you explore south of her border.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I’ve picked up a few mistakes that can make the experience dull and even uncomfortable for her.

So if you’re looking to really blow her mind the next time you go down on your lover, here are the oral sex no-no’s you need to keep clear of…

Stimulating the clitoris right off the bat.

Sure the clitoris may be the most sensitive of all the erogenous zones in a woman’s body, but it doesn’t produce and release pleasurable sensations at the drop of a hat. It needs to be properly prepped up first before it can churn out sensations that will blow her mind.

Make it a point to go for other moves like petting and stroking to get her really going instead of making a beeline to her clitoris. This may sound surprising, but she’ll just end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable when you stimulate it prematurely.

Not getting her totally sexually aroused.

A woman’s body won’t be ideally responsive to stimulation when she isn’t completely sexually aroused. She won’t feel the sensations that you’re aiming for if her sexual arousal isn’t off the charts.

If she’s not fired up for lovemaking like she should, chances are oral sex will feel dull for her if you go down on her. Her clitoris will also puff up if she’s reached the state of complete sexual arousal, too.

Going too fast too soon.

You will just make her feel uncomfortable – and eventually sore – if you go fast and furious on her south of the border as soon as you get the chance. Slow and easy does when it comes to oral sex.

Besides making her more sexually excited with each stroke you do, going as slow as you can also promotes more intense sensations for her. Put two and two together and you’ll knock her socks off in no time.

Not asking for her inputs.

Letting her guide you doesn’t just make her feel that you’re really into her, but also gives you the opportunity to push the right buttons as you go along. And when you do that, she’ll have the best oral sex experience each time you go down on her.

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