Keep These First Date Tips In Mind To Make A Good Impression


So you'd like to make a good impression on a first date...

So you’d like to make a good impression on a first date…

Acing a first date isn’t something that you can pull off at the drop of a hat like a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying. But the thing is I’ve a few useful pointers during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help you boost your chances of making a good first impression during a first date. Make sure you follow along to find out more…


Arrive early.

Making it a point to arrive earlier than the woman you’re going out with during a first date not only helps you ensure that your preparations are all set, but also give her the notion that you have good time management skills. Arriving at least 10 minutes ahead of her is a nice benchmark to keep in mind.

Plan your getup well.

How you look is one of the biggest factors that can make or break the outcome of your first date. Keeping in mind to plan your outfit ready at least a couple of days ahead of your date not just helps you gauge if it suits your right, but also prevents a fashion disaster from happening before you know it. Remember not to underdress or overdress while we’re on the subject as well.

Ask for her inputs.

Sure you may already have a few first date pointers in mind, but making sure to ask the woman you’re going out with what her preferences are for the same gives her the idea that you’re really into her. Besides making you earn some brownie points, you’ll also have a few ideas here and there how you can dazzle her as you go along.

Go for trivial conversational topics.

Although smart is sexy for women, going for topics that are technical and complicated can easily turn your date in no time at all. Choose very simple topics instead to talk about. Apart from asking her what her favorite cartoon character or perhaps preferred book genre is, you can also ask her what TV series she’s following these days. The simpler, the better.

Don’t be touchy-feely.

Most men tend to go all out with their gestures when emphasizing something during a conversation. Now while this isn’t an issue when you’re gabbing with your friends, doing this on a first date can give her the wrong idea. If you’d like to stress an idea, just pat or touch her on the shoulder or the forearm.

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