4 Reasons Why She Isn’t That Eager To Give You Head These Days

Boost your chances of getting head from her when you read this.

Boost your chances of getting head from her when you read this.

Chances are you’ve got “getting a blowjob” from your lover when it comes to the things that you look forward to when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom.

Although you have already convinced your partner to go down on you a lot of times already, you’re simply noticing that she’s not giving you head as much as she used to these days.

There’s no need to get upset yet, though. I discovered a few mistakes during my extensive research into the female sexuality that can prevent a woman from going down on you during lovemaking.

Why don’t you follow along to find out what these are to boost your chances of making her say yes to an oral sex session the next time you’re at it in bed?

You’re not keeping a close eye on your grooming.

How you look and smell is a key factor that women tend to be very particular with. If your lover thinks your grooming down there isn’t up to par, her body is inclined to churn out stress hormones that make her feel anxious.

And not just anxious, too. She’s also going to feel awkward and impatient in the process. I’m pretty sure you already have an idea how you’re oral sex session is going to turn out.

You don’t ask her nicely.

Although women like a guy who shows initiative, giving her the notion that you’re rather bossy in bed can be a big turn off. Make it a point to always ask her as nicely as you can when you’re in the mood for some oral action.

Sure the bossy shtick always works in porn movies, but trying it in real life will just lead to disaster before you know it.

You don’t give her an awesome oral sex session yourself.

Oral sex is basically a give and take situation.

If your lover thinks that she’s the only one exerting an effort when it comes to pleasuring you down under, she won’t be that excited to give you a blowjob session herself.

Always remember to knock her socks off each and every time you go down on her and you’ll be on the right track.

You think of oral sex as a burden.

See, your body tends to produce negative hormones that can affect your sexual mood when you think of giving her oral sex as a burden.

Besides making you feel uncomfortable at doing the whole thing, it can also lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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