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These mistakes can easily ruin her sexual mood.

These mistakes can easily ruin her sexual mood.

When it comes to giving a woman a sex session that will really knock her socks off, getting her ideally prepped up for lovemaking is definitely a priority.

Apart from making her really wet for sexual penetration, getting her really going for lovemaking also boosts the production and release of positive neurotransmitters and hormones in her body that will take her chances of reaching the Big O during the action up a notch.

But the thing is I discovered during my extensive research into the female sexuality that a lot of guys tend to overlook a few mistakes that can keep women from really getting in the mood for a sex session.

There’s even a possibility that you’re making some of them, too. Why not follow along to find out what these are?

Making a beeline to her erogenous zones.

Let’s kick things off with perhaps the biggest mistake that can easily ruin your partner’s sexual arousal…

Now while physically stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones like the breasts and clitoris when you’re looking to get her sexual mood in gear is one of the ways to do it, zeroing in on them as soon as you get the chance will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable.

(Start the ball rolling with a kissing session that will blow her mind and you’ll be on the right track.)

You move too fast.

Slow and easy should be your mantra when you’re working your magic on your partner to get her prepped up for lovemaking.

Besides promoting a surge in positive hormones and neurotransmitters that set off the necessary changes to make sex pleasurable for her, taking things slow and easy also keeps her on her toes while you’re at it, boosting her sexual excitement levels.

Getting fast and furious will just give your lover the notion that you’re rushing her, which will just make her feel more anxious than horny.

Saying she’s “hot” during sex talk.

Although it’s a good strategy to reassure your partner that you find her sexually attractive when things are getting hot in the bedroom, there’s a possibility that things will go the other way around when you use the words “hot” and “sexy” to describe her.

This is because she will just have the idea that you only see her as a sex object.

Keep in mind to use the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous” since they convey sincerity and respect in a woman’s perspective even during lovemaking.


These mistakes can make you come way too soon in bed.

These mistakes can make you come way too soon in bed.

I’m pretty sure that you’d like to keep your bedroom playing time going for as long as you can to really blow your lover’s mind.

Apart from boosting your chances of making her achieve an orgasm (or two), you’re also going to be in for an overload of pleasurable sensations while at it.

However, I picked up a few interesting things during my extensive research into the male sexuality that can make you prone to premature ejaculation.

Make sure you read on to learn what these are so you can really give her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon the next time things get sizzling in bed…

You worry that you’re going to pop way too soon.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but worrying that you’re going to come sooner than you’d like to basically results to the release of stress hormones in your body.

Besides disrupting the time when your brain should activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses, you’re also going to be prone to other sexual issues like losing the power and intensity of your erections in the process.

Keep in mind to stay positive and you’ll be on the right track.

You go full speed ahead as soon as you get the chance.

There is a connection between the amount of penile stimulation you receive during lovemaking and premature ejaculation.

See, if you get fast and furious the moment you sexually penetrate your lover, the levels of positive hormones and neurotransmitters in your body will build up faster than they should and will make you prone to coming sooner than usual.

Keep things slow and easy and you’ll last longer.

You don’t masturbate regularly.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that masturbation has a lot of sexual benefits that can help you improve your performance in the bedroom.

One of the best masturbation benefits is helping you become really familiar when your sexual peak kicks in, which acts as your cue to pause for a bit during lovemaking, regroup and carry on later.

Moreover, you can repeat this process over and over during a sex session.

You don’t give her a proper fingering session.

Like the mistake I’ve pointed out earlier, fingering your partner eases off the stimulation your penis receives during lovemaking.

Besides keeping clear from coming too soon, you’re also going to have the opportunity to pleasure her most sensitive erogenous zones while at it.

Definitely a win-win situation if you ask me.

First date tips you should always keep in mind.

First date tips you should always keep in mind.

Making the whole thing as successful as you can is no doubt the top priority in your checklist when you’re going out with a woman on a first date.

Besides boosting your chances of convincing her to go on a date with you again, giving her a positive experience also makes it easier to establish an emotional connection with her as you go along.

Unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” are suggesting, pulling it off doesn’t involve super-secret fashion techniques or perhaps saying words or phrases that instantly make a woman feel closer to you as soon as you utter them.

I’ve picked up a few simple pointers during my extensive research into the female psychology that will help you get on your way to a successful first date. Why don’t we start the ball rolling right now?

Plan your getup ahead of time.

Perhaps the most important thing that you should keep in mind when you’re looking to make a first date successful is your grooming.

See, how you look and smell is the very first thing that a woman will check out.

And if she thinks that your grooming isn’t up to par, you’ll just end up making her feel that you’re sloppy and irresponsible.

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the truth.

You should arrive before she does.

Women are very particular with time management and if you show up after her on a first date, you’re simply going to send her the wrong message.

Make it a point to get there at least 10 to 15 minutes ahead of her.

Apart from giving her the notion that you don’t have an issue with punctuality, you can also spare a few minutes checking how you look and smell as well as have a quick rundown of your plans for the big day (or night).

Don’t spend most of your time checking out your phone.

Acing a first date primarily involves giving the woman you’re going out with the idea that you’re really interested in her.

And if you’re just going to spend most your first date checking your phone for status updates, tweets, texts or perhaps what Pokemon are lurking about, you are simply in for a lot of disappointment before you know it.

This also applies to other gadgets that you may have with you, including your watch.

Make it a point to focus all of your attention on her the whole time.

Boost your chances of getting head from her when you read this.

Boost your chances of getting head from her when you read this.

Chances are you’ve got “getting a blowjob” from your lover when it comes to the things that you look forward to when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom.

Although you have already convinced your partner to go down on you a lot of times already, you’re simply noticing that she’s not giving you head as much as she used to these days.

There’s no need to get upset yet, though. I discovered a few mistakes during my extensive research into the female sexuality that can prevent a woman from going down on you during lovemaking.

Why don’t you follow along to find out what these are to boost your chances of making her say yes to an oral sex session the next time you’re at it in bed?

You’re not keeping a close eye on your grooming.

How you look and smell is a key factor that women tend to be very particular with. If your lover thinks your grooming down there isn’t up to par, her body is inclined to churn out stress hormones that make her feel anxious.

And not just anxious, too. She’s also going to feel awkward and impatient in the process. I’m pretty sure you already have an idea how you’re oral sex session is going to turn out.

You don’t ask her nicely.

Although women like a guy who shows initiative, giving her the notion that you’re rather bossy in bed can be a big turn off. Make it a point to always ask her as nicely as you can when you’re in the mood for some oral action.

Sure the bossy shtick always works in porn movies, but trying it in real life will just lead to disaster before you know it.

You don’t give her an awesome oral sex session yourself.

Oral sex is basically a give and take situation.

If your lover thinks that she’s the only one exerting an effort when it comes to pleasuring you down under, she won’t be that excited to give you a blowjob session herself.

Always remember to knock her socks off each and every time you go down on her and you’ll be on the right track.

You think of oral sex as a burden.

See, your body tends to produce negative hormones that can affect your sexual mood when you think of giving her oral sex as a burden.

Besides making you feel uncomfortable at doing the whole thing, it can also lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.