4 Reasons Why She’s Still Hesitant To Try Anal Action

Reasons why she's still not convinced to try anal sex yet.

Reasons why she’s still not convinced to try anal sex yet.

Sexually penetrating your lover in the backdoor is no doubt one of the things that are in your lovemaking bucket list.

Apart from the promise of experiencing new sensations that you haven’t felt before, having a bout of anal sex with your partner also makes you feel really macho.

But the thing is you’re still having a tricky time convincing her to give anal sex a go no matter how hard you try.

This doesn’t mean that your chances of making her say yes to anal action are nil, though.

Interestingly, I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there are key factors that can prevent a woman from being swayed to try “dipping it in the fudge pot.”

Why don’t you follow along to find out what these are?

Reason #1: She thinks it’s dirty.

Let’s start things off with perhaps the biggest reason why a lot of women tend to shy away from anal sex: hygiene.

Now while the anus is the part of the body where fecal matter comes out of, you won’t tend to get in contact with it because there’s a physiological barrier that keeps it in place.

You can also use a condom for extra protection, too.

Reason #2: She thinks it will just be pleasurable for you.

There are actually a lot of sensitive nerve endings that are located in and around the anus’s sphincter muscle that produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated.

Now while they aren’t as much compared to the ones that are in the vagina and clitoris, they can still get her going when they’re stimulated properly.

Reason #3: She thinks it will be uncomfortable.

Yes, anal sex can be uncomfortable…without getting your hands on lots of lube first. This is because the anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication like the vagina does.

As long as you’ve got the lube, you’re good to go.

Reason #4: You don’t talk to her about it outside the bedroom.

A lot of guys make the mistake of just asking their partners to have anal sex in the middle of a lovemaking session.

Besides making a woman feel pressured, it will also raise her anxiety levels because she will have the notion that she’s being forced to do something she doesn’t like.

If you’re looking to really get her mind going about anal sex, discuss it with her outside the bedroom.

Sure this isn’t something that will make her say yes to the whole thing immediately, but she won’t feel pressured and anxious in any way when you do.

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