Simple Tricks To Prolong Your Bedroom Playing Time

Find out simple ways to curb premature ejaculation here!

Find out simple ways to curb premature ejaculation here!

When it comes to lovemaking, I’m pretty sure that you’d like to last for as long as you can.

Apart from being able to really knock your lover’s socks off when the action’s going on in the bedroom, you’re also going to be in for loads and loads of pleasurable sensations yourself while at it.

But the thing is if you’re anything like most men, chances are you’ve already experienced coming way sooner than you’d like to while things are getting hot between the sheets.

Now while premature ejaculation may be something that’s really upsetting, you don’t have to reach for pills, creams, gels and other artificial stuff that a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are recommending to get your hands on to fix this problem.

I’ve learned a few simple and natural tricks to help you last longer the next time you and your lover are already getting it on in bed. Make sure you read on to find out more…

Don’t worry.

Did you know that simply worrying that you’re going to come quick during lovemaking is already going to make you prone to premature ejaculation?

See, worrying basically promotes the release of stress hormones that cancel out the effects of their positive counterparts that get churned out when you’re sexually aroused.

Besides making the strength and quality of your erections unpredictable, your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses are going to be activated sooner than they’re supposed to.

Don’t skip foreplay.

A lot of guys tend to skip foreplay to get to the main event during a sex session to experience pleasurable sensations almost immediately.

However, experiencing an overload of feel-good sensations before your body is completely prepped up for lovemaking will just make you vulnerable to coming way too soon in the process.

Have at least 15 minutes of foreplay and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Slow and easy does it.

Most men tend to go fast and furious when they’re already sexually penetrating their partners. But the thing is the primary factor that directs the buildup of positive hormones is the amount of sensation that the penis gets while at it.

Take things down a notch when you’re thrusting and you’ll last longer.

Go down on her every few minutes.

Giving her oral sex takes away the stimulation from your penis. Whenever you feel like you’re already reaching the point of no return, try getting busy south of her border to curb the urge bust your nut ahead of schedule.

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