Anal Sex Mistakes That You Need To Avoid Always

Always avoid these anal sex mistakes!

Always avoid these anal sex mistakes!

So you’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you…

Now while you already have a general idea of how to do it, a lot of men mistakenly believe that pulling the whole thing off is simply about making a beeline to her anus to sexually penetrate it.

Doing just that will only make your partner feel awkward and really uncomfortable. And you can already picture out how your anal sex session will turn out as you go along.

Interestingly, I’ve learned some key mistakes you need to avoid when you’re looking to give a woman an anal sex session she’ll like.

Let me explain what I mean…

Not getting her really fired up for lovemaking.

A woman’s sexual arousal level plays a key role when it comes to her anal sex enjoyment.

See, the hornier she is when you’re already at it in the bedroom, the more pleasurable the sensations she will experience when the action takes place.

Your lover will also be more game between the sheets when her sexual arousal is off the charts, too.

You don’t discuss it outside the bedroom.

Simply introducing the idea that you want to sexually penetrate your partner’s anus when you’re already heating things up in bed with her is just going to sap her mood for lovemaking.

This is because she’ll just feel that you’re making her do something she doesn’t want to, which can make her more anxious than sexually excited.

Besides making her feel uneasy, she won’t also be that adventurous in bed when her sexual arousal level takes a dive.

You have only a bit of lube.

Getting your hands on a lot of lube is a priority if you’re looking to make anal sex pleasurable for a woman.

See, the anus isn’t like the vagina that can produce its own natural lubrication. And if the former isn’t that well lubricated, the sensations that your lover will experience when you’re already getting busy in the backdoor are just going to be rough and sore.

Here’s a simple technique you can use to make sure if you’ve got enough lube for anal sex: picture out the ideal amount you think you’ll need, double it and you’re done.

You don’t go slow and easy.

Akin to the vagina, going fast and furious on the anus when you’re already sexually penetrating it is just going to lead to disaster.

Keep in mind to go at it slow and easy. Besides making the sensations she’s going to experience more intense, you also won’t be prone to coming way sooner than you’d like to in the process.

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