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Always get rock hard on demand with these pointers.

Always get rock hard on demand with these pointers.

Chances are you value your ability to achieve a strong and lasting erection a lot.

Apart from making you feel like a man each time you rise up to the occasion, you’re also going to make your lover feel like a woman when you sexually penetrate her when things get extra steamy in bed.

Sure you don’t have problems getting rock hard these days, but did you know that the strength and quality of your erections can easily take a nosedive in the long run if you don’t keep a few key things in mind?

So if you’re looking to keep your erections as intense as they are these days, make sure you take note of the following…

Healthy is the way to go.

What you’re loading up on in a regular basis is crucial to the power of your erections.

If you’re keeping in mind to make healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other nourishing stuff like fiber mainstays in your regular diet, you won’t be having problems with your ability to get rock hard anytime soon.

However, if you’re mostly munching on oily and salty treats, you’ll be prone to circulation issues that can prevent you from really getting an ideal erection sooner or later.

Stay hydrated.

Blood vessels, veins and arteries that direct blood flow to the pelvic region to firm up the erectile tissues in the penis during sexual arousal need to stay supple and elastic to do their job properly.

And drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day helps do the trick. You can also mix things up with fruit and veggie juices to keep things tasty and nourishing.

Vigorous exercise is essential.

I’m not saying that you need to be a gym buff to pull this off.

What I mean is you should have regular exercise in your schedule to keep your overall circulation up to par and maintain your heart’s vigor.

See, simply having vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week already has a lot of benefits not just for your erections, but also for your sexual stamina as well as physical appearance.

Masturbate frequently.

Did you know that masturbation is more than just experiencing the pleasurable sensations of lovemaking by your lonesome?

Making it a habit to masturbate from time to time helps maintain your body’s ability to trigger a strong and lasting erection.

Besides simulating the changes that happen in your body when you and your lover are getting frisky in bed, it also helps keep the erectile tissues in your penis ready for action.

Copying porn moves will only lead to disaster. Here are the reasons why.

Copying porn moves will only lead to disaster. Here are the reasons why.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already had the experience of watching porn. There’s even a chance that you’re checking one out right now.

Now while looking at porn is one thing, copying the moves you see in them when you and your lover are heating things up in the bedroom is a different story. And it’s just going to end up in disaster, too.

So if you’re planning to jazz up your sex sessions with a touch of porn, here are some reasons why it’s going to be a bad idea…

They’re only acting.

Let’s kick things off with the most obvious reason of all.

The actors and actresses that you see in porn movies are only doing their job and that is to act.

This basically means that the emotions that they’re showing in front of the camera may be slightly or totally different from what they are really feeling during a particular scene.

And you can easily imagine the fiasco that will take place when you copy a porn move that you think will make your partner feel good, but will have a conflicting effect on her.

Cameras roll and stop the whole time.

Akin to other movies, porn flicks involve cameras rolling and stopping all the time.

The director can easily halt or resume a scene each time he thinks something gets awry or perhaps needing a few improvements.

Given the fact that you can’t do these when you and your lover are already at it between the sheets, there’s a very big possibility that things won’t go like you expected when you copy a certain porn move during your sex session.

They favor “aesthetic” positions.

Each scene in a porn flick is carefully planned to be as erotic as possible.

Besides picking out sexual positions that show as much of the actress’s vagina and breasts as possible, it also highlights the actual penetration as it is taking place.

And believe me, most – if not all – of them are rather uncomfortable when used in real life sex. Sure lovemaking is pleasurable, but the sensations she’s going to experience are anything but when you use them.

The actors and actresses are paid to do it.

And the best reason why copying porn moves during sex is a bad idea? The people that are in them are paid to do their stuff.

Just try to convince your lover that you’d like to try something you saw in porn “for the experience” and you’ll be almost immediately get rejected by her.

(But here’s a breast stimulation technique that will surely help knock her socks off when you’re already at it in bed.)

Boost your self-confidence with these tips.

Boost your self-confidence with these tips.

Your self-confidence levels play a key role in how you deal with everyday life.

Not having them up to par can lead to difficulties making smart decisions, establishing and maintaining relationships with other people, as well as issues coping with problems if not taken care of properly.

If you think that your self-confidence levels are below ideal, there’s no need to worry just yet.

Here are a few useful pointers I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male psychology that will help you get on the right track…

Improve your regular diet.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but what you load up on regularly can have an effect on your self-confidence.

See, healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables don’t just nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

They also contain other beneficial ingredients like flavonoids and antioxidants that help get rid of toxins and similar unwanted substances, which can disrupt the ideal distribution of hormones that can make you feel down and not good enough.

Interestingly, making it a point to eat healthy also helps keep your erections strong and lasting.

Mingle with positive people.

Who you hang out with can have a very big effect on your self-confidence levels.

This is because you basically pick up the habits of the people you regularly socialize with. If you hang out with positive people, you’re going to be more upbeat, optimistic and happier.

Alternatively, if you socialize with negative people, you’re simply going to get the opposite. Chances are you’ll feel left out and apprehensive most of the time when you mingle with naysayers and worryguts as well.

Look and smell like a million bucks.

Sure this sounds a bit cliché, but how you look and smell can have a very big effect on your self-confidence.

How you see (and smell) yourself directly impacts your ability to socialize with others, break the ice and plan out your options well before making a tough decision.

Make it a point to always keep your grooming ideal each day and you’ll be surprised how much confident you will feel.

Manage negative stress properly.

Negative stress makes you unproductive, anxious, grouchy and impatient, which are definitely not the qualities of a confident guy.

Keep in mind to always make time for managing and eliminating negative stress from your life to prevent it from affecting your self-confidence levels.

Besides having a hobby to keep you pleasantly occupied during your downtime, playing sports and reading are also smart picks to pull this off.

Here are some important anal sex pointers you need to remember

Here are some important anal sex pointers you need to remember

I’m pretty sure that getting an anal sex session with your lover is one of the things that’s in your bedroom bucket list.

Apart from the promise of experiencing sensations that you’ve never felt during lovemaking before, what guy hasn’t thought of sexually penetrating his lover in the anus?

But now here’s the thing…

Anal sex isn’t what you see in porn movies where the actor simply sexually penetrates the actress in the anus as they go along. Doing this in real life will just lead to disaster before you know it.

There are actually some key things that you need to keep in mind to make the whole thing pleasurable for you and your partner.

So if you’re looking to have anal sex with your lover soon, here are a few factors that you have to take note of…

Discuss it out of the bedroom.

If your partner is anything like most women, chances are she thinks that anal sex is taboo.

Besides being unnatural, getting sexually penetrated in the anus will just feel uncomfortable and dirty in her mindset.

This is the reason why you need to discuss it outside of the bedroom before you even think of having anal sex with her when you’re at it between the sheets. Make it a point to ask her how she feels about it and how you can ease her to give it a try.

Simply telling her that you’d like to pleasure her anally when you’re already having sex will just give her the notion that she has been blindsided and ruin her mood almost immediately.

Get your hands on a lot of lube.

Unlike the vagina that can naturally produce lubrication for sexual purposes, the anus cannot. Keep in mind to have enough lube on hand before thinking about getting on track to anal sex when things are already heating up in bed.

Gauging if you’ve already got enough lube isn’t that tricky. You simply have to get the amount that you think is ideal and double it.

Integrate the anus during foreplay.

Most women tend to keep clear of anal sex because they are not familiar with the sexual pleasure that it can provide.

You’ve got to add the anus in your list of erogenous zones to pleasure when you’re heating things up in bed to show her that it can also be a source of sexual pleasure like the vagina, breasts and clitoris.

Apart from licking and kissing the anus, you can also gently caress it with your fingers. Don’t forget to make your lover give it the right cleaning first to prevent any unpleasant issues like pinkeye from possibly happening.

Slow and easy is the way to go.

Making it a point to go slow and easy is important when it comes to anal sex. It’s one crucial way of easing her into it.

Going full speed ahead as soon as you get the chance will just be extremely uncomfortable for her and possibly the end of your anal sex session.