Reasons Why She Still Isn’t Convince To Give Anal Sex A Go

Why she's still not convinced to try anal sex.

Why she’s still not convinced to try anal sex.

So here’s the situation…

I’m pretty sure that having anal sex with your lover is no doubt one of the things that are in your bedroom bucket list.

Besides the promise of experiencing sensations that you’ve never felt during lovemaking before, simply thinking about having your partner in the backdoor takes your sexual excitement up a notch.

However, you’re still not getting her nod no matter how much you try to convince her to give it a go. Now while this may be a bit frustrating, chances are she’s not saying yes because of a few psychological reasons that you need to work around first.

So if you still can’t convince your lover to get her anal sex mood going, here are some of the reasons that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology…

She thinks it’s going to hurt.

Women think that anal sex is just going to be an experience that is either uncomfortable or just plain painful because the anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication.

You’ve got to explain that using the right amount and type of lube during the action will make things smoother and more pleasurable for her.

One more thing, though. It’s really important that you discuss anal sex with your lover outside of the bedroom. Doing it while you’re already heating things up in bed will only make her feel ambushed and defensive.

She thinks it’s dirty.

Well, technically your partner is correct when she says that anal sex has an element of being dirty. You go Number 2 with your anus, right?

However, the area where fecal matter is stored is far from the place where you’re going to sexually penetrate her. It even has a natural flap that prevents the contents of either one from contaminating the same.

She thinks it’s only pleasurable for you.

The anus actually has some areas that feel rather ticklish when stimulated and you’re going to graze them with your penis when you sexually penetrate her in there.

Keep in mind to explain to her that with enough lube and the proper way of stimulation, she’ll find the experience quite pleasurable, too.

She thinks it’s taboo.

Sure anal sex is not something that’s new these days, but a lot of women still think that it’s unnatural.

This thought basically makes them believe all the negative things said about anal sex, including the myths as well.

Make it a point to explain anal sex properly to her to get her on track to giving it a shot. Although it can take a long time, you’re at least making a bit of progress in the process.

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