Are You Guilty Of Doing These Oral Sex Mistakes?

Oral sex no-no's that will make the experience lousy for her.

Oral sex no-no’s that will make the experience lousy for her.

One of the best strategies that you can go for when you’re looking to knock a woman’s socks off during lovemaking is going down on her.

But the thing is I learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that there’s a big possibility that you’re overlooking a few mistakes that can easily make the experience not as pleasurable for her as you’d like to.

And I’m going to walk you through them shortly so you can really give her an oral sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon the next time you explore south of her border.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these oral sex mistakes are…

You consider oral sex as a chore.

Let me kick things off with perhaps the most commonly overlooked oral sex mistake.

Some guys tend to think that oral sex is some kind of a chore that they’d have to endure if they really want to make their partners reach the Big O when things are already heating up in bed.

Now while going down on a woman takes a bit of an effort to really pull off, considering it as hard work makes your brain think that you’re experiencing some kind of stressful situation, so you’re going to feel impatient, awkward and rather anxious when the whole thing’s going to be over.

Change your mindset about oral sex and you’ll be surprised with the results.

You go straight to the clitoris.

Although the clitoris is no doubt the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body, it needs time to prep up before it’s able to churn out pleasurable sensations when stimulated.

When you stimulate the clitoris before it’s really ready, she will just feel either awkward or perhaps uncomfortable, which isn’t going to help in any way at all.

And that’s even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play while at it, too.

Keep in mind to make her really sexually aroused first before you give her the full-service downstairs.

You don’t ask her to guide you.

Some guys tend to mistakenly think that they already know that they need to know about going down on their partners.

And they’re missing out on a lot if they don’t ask directions from the woman they’d like to pleasure. Come to think of it. Who knows what really gets her off except a woman herself?


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