3 Interesting Facts About Masturbation That You Should Know

You're sure to masturbate more often when you read this.

You’re sure to masturbate more often when you read this.

Masturbation is perhaps one of the activities that’s a mainstay in your regular schedule.

Unlike what a lot of men wrongly believe, though, having a date with Palmela Handerson isn’t just about experiencing the pleasure of sex by your lonesome.

Make sure you read on to learn some rather interesting facts about “battling the purple-headed yogurt slinger” or “fastening the chin strap on the helmet of love…”

Interesting Masturbation Fact #1: It is a proven stress-reliever.

Let’s start things off with masturbation’s beneficial effect when you think that your stress levels are already off the charts.

See, your body goes through a surge of negative hormones when you’re feeling stressed. Besides making you feel impatient, anxious and generally edgy, these hormones also tend to disrupt your sex drive, ability to get rock hard on demand and lasting long in bed as well.

This simply means that apart from making you feel bad, your sex life is going to be significantly affected in the process.

You’re basically promoting an increase of positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin in your body when you masturbate, which negate the effects of their negative counterparts.

Interesting Masturbation Fact #2: It helps protect your prostate.

Toxins and other unwanted visitors tend to build up around the prostate over time, which can trigger health issues like prostate cancer in the long run if not taken care of properly.

However, the body is naturally wired to get rid of these toxins by ejecting them along with seminal fluid. And masturbating in a regular basis helps ensure that they’re eliminated before they get the chance to deal damage.

Besides getting your rocks off, keep in mind that you’re also protecting your prostate whenever you engage in “hand to gland combat.”

Interesting Masturbation Fact #3: It helps you become a better lover.

Did you know that masturbating regularly helps you know when your sexual peak is?

The sexual peak is basically the time when the level of positive hormones in your body reaches their ideal number to activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

The more you “play tug of war with the Cyclops” or “tap the wookie on the head,” the more familiar you’ll become when your sexual peak is going to happen and the easier it will be for you to prevent coming way sooner than you’d like to when things get hot in bed.

Come to think of it. Practicing being familiar with your sexual peak is definitely one activity you’d be more than willing to have a go, too.



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