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Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really give her an amazing experience.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really give her an amazing experience.

Chances are anal sex has always been in your list of things to try when you and your lover are already getting frisky in the bedroom.

And now that you’ve finally convinced your partner to give it a go, it’s really important that you give her an awesome time or else making her say yes to another anal sex session in the near future will be close to impossible.

So make sure you keep these anal sex mistakes to really make the experience as pleasurable for her as it will be for you…

Anal sex mistake #1: Not taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

Unlike the stuff that you see in porn where the women only need a few moments to get ready for anal action, it’s entirely different in real life.

Your partner needs to be really sexually aroused before you can actually penetrate her anus. This is because besides from firing up her adventurous side in bed, she will also feel more relaxed and consenting while at it.

Sexually penetrating your lover in the anus before she is really ready will just be very awkward and uncomfortable for her. And do you think she’ll give it another go if you do it this way?

(Here’s a quick move that you can use to get her going.)

Anal sex mistake #2: Not stocking up on a lot of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication like the vagina does, so you’ll need to apply lube to start the party.

No lube means she’ll simply think of the whole experience as a disaster and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Make it a point to get your hands on a lot of lubrication because apart from having to apply and re-apply frequently as you go along, some varieties tend to dry out quicker compared to their counterparts.

And in case you need a bit of help with how much you’re going to stock up on, try aiming for the amount you think is ideal and double it.

Anal sex mistake #3: Not getting her input as you go along.

Women experience different sensations when their anuses are sexually penetrated. Some may like the whole thing slow and smooth, while others prefer a more energetic pace.

Keep in mind to ask her how she likes it while the action’s going on. Remember that if she’s not getting the pleasure that she expects, your chances of convincing her for another anal sex session will be very low.

So you'd like to boost her chances of getting an orgasm...

So you’d like to boost her chances of getting an orgasm…

Giving your lover an explosive orgasm (or two) when you’re getting busy in the bedroom is no doubt the top priority in your sexual checklist.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, though, pulling the whole thing off isn’t just about making a beeline to her clitoris or nipples as soon as the action starts between the sheets.

Besides feeling rather awkward and uncomfortable for your partner, especially when these erogenous zones are stimulated before they are really ready, making it a habit to only go for the clitoris and nipples during sex or foreplay gives the brain the notion that pleasuring them is a routine.

This leads to a significant decrease in the sexual pleasure that your lover will experience during the same before you know it.

However, I’ve learned a few useful pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you knock her socks off in the bedroom with an explosive orgasm. Make sure you read on to find out more…

Kissing is a must.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to get straight to the action when you and your partner are already at it between the sheets.

But the thing is you’re making her miss out on an orgasm if you neglect to give her an awesome kissing session during the action.

See, smooching basically helps jump start and maintain the amount of positive hormones in her body that play key roles in taking her sexual arousal levels off the charts and activating her orgasmic responses.

Use a pillow.

When you sexually penetrate her using the missionary position, keep in mind to place a pillow under her butt before you start the action.

This helps make your pubic bone graze her clitoris each time you thrust, which intensifies the sensations she experiences while doing so. You’re basically giving her an overload of pleasurable feelings in the process.

You can also experiment with different pillows to find the one that suits you and your partner best.

Switch off your cell phone.

A woman’s orgasm is the result of accumulated sensations that she experiences during a sex session. If these sensations aren’t able to build up properly, then chances are she won’t reach the Big O as you go along.

And one thing that can easily disrupt the buildup of these sensations is a beeping cell phone or some other gadget that you may have around.

She will surely love these massage tips!

She will surely love these massage tips!

Properly getting a woman sexually aroused is essential if you’re looking to give her a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

And I’ve learned that one of the best ways to do just that is giving your partner a sensual massage.

Besides being very relaxing, you can also stimulate some of her erogenous zones like the inner thighs, back of the neck and the “treasure trail” or  lower abdomen while at it to get her going for action between the sheets as you go along.

So if you’re looking to really wow her the next time you give her a massage, here are a few useful tips that you should keep in mind…

Clean your bedroom.

Your primary objective when giving a woman a massage is promoting a surge of feel-good hormones in her body so she can unwind and get really cozy.

One thing that prevents that from happening is a messy bedroom.

See, instead of stimulating her body to release feel-good hormones like dopamine, it’s just going to churn out their negative counterparts, which will only trigger the opposite effects.

Pick the right tunes.

Your choice of music can easily make or break your chances of really getting her in the zone when you’re giving her a massage.

Make it a point to go for tunes that are slow, downbeat and don’t involve any bit of bass drumming at all. I highly suggest instrumentals or ambient sound.

The idea here is to make her feel as comfortable and relaxed as she can and not getting down to the music any moment.

Stock up on massage oils.

She’s going to find your moves rather boring if you don’t get your hands on massage oils.

See, besides making your strokes and caresses smoother and gentler, these massage oils also provide unique scents that will excite her senses even more while you’re working your magic on her.

I suggest picking scents that are easy on the nose like the ones sourced from herbs, fruits and flowers.

Let her guide you.

Sure you may already have an idea of the things you need to do when you’re giving your partner a massage, but it’s still best to let her call the shots while at it.

Make it a point to ask her how much pressure she prefers, the spots she’d like to be stimulated as well as the techniques that she likes during the action.


Do this to avoid the friend zone!

Do this to avoid getting trapped in the friend zone!

The friend zone is no doubt one of the worst places to get trapped in when you’re looking to build a romantic relationship with a woman that you really like.

Besides preventing you from really taking your relationship with her to the next level, you’re also going to feel much more devastated when she decides to reject your advances sooner or later.

But the thing is there are ways that you can keep clear from getting trapped in the friend zone. Make sure you read on to find out what they are…

Avoid Getting Trapped In The Friend Zone #1: Make your intentions known right off the bat.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that a woman will eventually get the notion that a man is building a romantic relationship with her sooner or later.

Come to think of it, how will she know if you don’t tell her in the first place?

Keep in mind to get your message across when you think that the time is right. Confess your true feelings to her so she won’t be left in the dark and you’ll just end up waiting in vain.

Avoid Getting Trapped In The Friend Zone #2: Don’t make her think that you’re her butler.

Now while it’s alright to do a favor or two for her from time to time to earn some brownie points, overdoing it will just lead to disaster.

This is because she will have the idea that you’ll do everything at her beck and call, which isn’t an attribute that women look for in guys that they’d like to be linked romantically linked with.

You will just be her “really nice friend that she treats like a brother.”

Keep in mind to set some boundaries when doing favors is concerned.

Avoid Getting Trapped In The Friend Zone #3: Do romantic things with her.

If you’re looking to get romantically involved with a woman, do some romantic things with her and not just stick with the friendly stuff.

Take her on a date. Woo her with romantic poems and text messages. Make her feel that you want to be more than just her friend.

Avoid Getting Trapped In The Friend Zone #4: Spend time with her alone.

Although socializing and establishing a relationship with her friends is inevitable, make it a point to spend an alone time with her as much as you can.

This gives her the idea that you’re not just there to hang out, but take things up a notch.