Key Things To Remember When Giving Her A Massage

These massaging tips will surely get her going.

These massaging tips will surely get her going.

The pleasurable sensations that a woman experiences during lovemaking greatly depends on how sexually aroused she is.

The more fired up your partner is for action between the sheets, the more powerful and intense the sensations she will feel the moment you take things up a notch as you go along.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that giving a woman a sensual massage is one way of really getting her in the mood.

And here are a few useful pointers that you should keep in mind when you’re planning to work your magic on her with your fingers…

Make things spic and span.

Comfort and relaxation are the two most important factors that you need to prioritize when prepping her up for a massage.

She won’t be feeling as refreshed and rejuvenated even if you’re getting your already getting your massage A-game into play if she thinks the place you’re giving her a massage is dirty and messy.

Remember to keep things in apple pie order to really get her going.

Have some nice tunes.

Music not only helps get her relaxed, but also somehow intensify the sensations that she will experience when you get busy on her with your massaging moves.

Go for slow, downbeat tunes that promote her brain to take it easy for a while. Avoid those that have prominent bass drum beats because they will prevent her from really getting cozy.

My personal suggestions include slow jazz, ambient as well as instrumentals. You can also pick sounds like raindrops, sea breeze and the like if you’d like a more natural feel while at it.

Don’t forget the cream.

Massage cream, that is.

Your massage is going to be more pleasurable for her if you use one because besides making your strokes smoother, she’s also in for some refreshing aromatherapy action in the process.

You can also go for oils and liniments if she prefers stronger and more pronounced aromas.

Go slow and easy.

Massages are supposed to be gentle and soothing. They should not be hurried and given as if you’re impatient and rushing to be somewhere else.

I know this sounds tedious, but the rewards are just worth it. Apart from making it easier for her to get ready for action in bed sooner or later, she will also have the idea to give you a nice massage anytime soon.

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