Anal Sex Mistakes That You Need To Take Note Of

Keep clear from these anal sex mistakes!

Keep clear from these anal sex mistakes!

So you finally managed to convince your lover to have anal action with you…

But the thing is a lot of guys mistakenly think that going about it is simply sticking it in a woman’s backdoor and pumping like there’s no tomorrow.

Apart from being really uncomfortable for your partner, she’ll just think that you’re the only one getting all the pleasure during the whole thing, which will easily break your chances of convincing her to do it again.

If you’re looking to really give her an awesome time during your anal sex session, make sure you keep clear of these mistakes…

Not really getting her in the mood.

A woman’s sexual arousal level plays a crucial role during anal sex. If she’s not really fired up for lovemaking, she will have second thoughts about it.

Make it a point to really pull out all the stops during foreplay to take her sexual arousal off the charts.

Stimulate her erogenous zones the right way. Give her a foreplay session she won’t forget anytime soon. You’ll be surprised how game she is when the main event arrives.

Not having enough lube.

The anus can’t produce lubrication unlike the vagina. Unless you’ve got enough lube with you when you’re gearing up for anal sex, you’re simply setting yourself up for disaster.

Make sure you got a lot of lube to really keep things smooth and easy for her. Don’t know how much lube you need to prepare? Get your hands on the amount you think is ideal and double the whole thing.

Not gauging her reaction.

Keep in mind how your partner reacts when you sexually penetrate her anus. Stop immediately when she feels uncomfortable. Pick up the pace again when she’s up for action again.

Moreover, always remember that slow and easy does it when you’re already at it. Doing it like crazy only happens in porn movies. Believe me. You’ll be really sorry when you do it in real life.

Not stopping from time to time to reapply lube.

No matter how much lubricant you put on your penis during anal sex, chances are it will thin out and lose its efficacy sooner or later. If you feel it’s not slippery as before, it’s time to put on some again.

Make it a point to reapply it from time to time to make sure things are at their smoothest as you go along…or else you’ll be sorry before you know it.

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