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Make sure you take note of these sexual boosters!

Make sure you take note of these sexual boosters!

Hi, guys! I am very happy to start off 2016 with a post that’s filled with useful information that will surely improve your performance in the bedroom this year and boost the sexual satisfaction that your partner will experience between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to really wow a woman when things get extra steamy in bed, make sure you read on to learn more…

Start exercising in a regular basis.

Now while chances are you probably think that this tip is only for men who are either professional athletes or perhaps competitive bodybuilders, making it a habit to sweat it out regularly actually has a lot of sexual benefits.

Apart from enhancing your stamina levels so your staying power during lovemaking is going to be longer and harder, frequent exercise also helps keep your circulation ideal, which helps make it easier to achieve strong and lasting erections.

You simply have to pick an exercise you like, do it vigorously for at least 20 minutes and you’re good to go.

Start drinking lots of water.

Water helps keep the blood channels supple and healthy. When these channels aren’t functioning properly, it isn’t just your ability to get rock hard on demand that’s going to be affected, but your overall sexual performance as well.

Keep in mind to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Go easy on your favorite brews, too, since they can also cause some issues in the bedroom.

Start taking better care of your oral health.

Interestingly, making it a point to keep a close eye on the health of your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth have a direct impact on how you’re going to perform when you and your lover are already doing the bedroom mambo.

See, diseased gums and teeth cause lesions and infections in the mouth that can allow bad bacteria to breach the circulatory system. When they aren’t given the care and attention that they deserve, these bacteria can easily have a negative effect to the body’s circulation.

Besides keeping in mind to brush and floss regularly, dropping by your dentist’s clinic every 6 months is also a smart idea to maintain optimum oral health.

Start having a healthier diet.

What you load up on can significantly have an effect on your sexual health. Make it a point to have lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy stuff in your regular diet.

It is also smart to watch your salt and intake that can lead to sailing blood pressure levels if you’re not very careful.

These tips will help you make her come during lovemaking.

These tips will help you make her come during lovemaking.

Perhaps the most important thing that you’ve got in your sexual checklist is making a woman reach the Big O when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom.

Apart from blowing her mind with lots of pleasurable sensations, she will also be more excited to do the sexy mambo with you again anytime soon.

However, a lot of guys mistakenly think that giving a woman an orgasm can be easily pulled off by zeroing in on her clitoris and nipples and stimulate them like there’s no tomorrow while at it.

Sure these erogenous zones do have the capability to produce a lot of pleasurable sensations, but simply stimulating them like crazy isn’t going to cut it.

But what’s really interesting is I’ve learned a few useful pointers that can easily help increase your chances of really getting her to the point of no return between the sheets.

So how about we start going through these pointers already?

Cleanliness is a must.

Although you may think that prepping up doesn’t anything to do with lovemaking, but it’s actually a key factor when it comes to making a woman ideally sexually aroused and make it easier for her to come during the action.

See, you’ll just make her feel stressed and anxious if she thinks that you’re not keeping a close eye on your hygiene or perhaps the bedroom you’re having sex in isn’t quite up to her standards of tidiness and organization.

Make it a point to not just look and smell like a million bucks for her, but also keep your bedroom in apple pie order always.

Think of her satisfaction.

Most guys tend to think that lovemaking is mostly about sexually penetrating their partners. Sure sexual penetration can provide a lot of pleasurable sensations, but it is also the time when men unknowingly get too excited and end up coming a lot sooner than they’d like to.

Keep in mind to prioritize her pleasure before yours and you’ll be on your way to giving her an orgasm or two.

Use other sexual techniques.

Giving a woman a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon isn’t just about sticking your member in her vagina. You can also blow her mind by going down on her properly as well as using your fingers, tongue and lips to give her erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs and back of the neck the stimulation they really deserve when the action’s happening.

So do you pop too soon these days?

So do you pop too soon these days?

I’m pretty sure that lasting for as long as you can during lovemaking is a top priority in your sexual checklist.

Apart from guaranteeing that the woman you’re getting in action between the sheets with is going to have her mind blown and even experience a toe-curling orgasm or two while at it, you’re also setting yourself up for an amazing time as well.

But the problem is you’re simply noticing that you’re coming way sooner than you’d like to in the bedroom these days.

There’s no need to reach for pills, gels, injections and other artificial stuff that claim to help extend your bedroom playing time just yet, though.

Make sure you read on to learn some things that you may be overlooking that are causing you to come a lot sooner during sex…

Don’t allow yourself to get really nervous.

Now while knowing that you’re going to get some sexy action in bed will definitely get you pumped, allowing yourself to become rather worried that you won’t be able to give your partner the sexual satisfaction she wants can actually trigger premature ejaculation.

This is because it will promote a surge of stress hormones in the body that will disrupt its normal activation of its orgasmic and ejaculatory responses, which will lead to your coming sooner during sex.

(This can be also applied to boost your chances of acing a first date, too.)

Prioritize her sexual pleasure over yours.

If you’re like most guys, chances are penetrating your partner sexually is one of the highlights you’re looking forward to during sex. However, some men tend to get carried away when they start doing so, which leads to premature ejaculation sooner or later.

When you’re already in the act, always keep in mind that it’s the woman’s sexual pleasure that you should be aiming for or else you’ll pop sooner than you’d like to. Remembering to go slow and easy is a must, too.

Practice makes perfect.

Interestingly, you come when your body activates its orgasmic and ejaculatory responses. This happens when you reach your sexual peak during lovemaking, which can be somehow tricky to spot.

But did you know that you can easily know when your body reaches its sexual peak by masturbating in a regular basis?

This is because your body simply experiences the same things that it goes through during lovemaking, but the only difference is you don’t have a partner to rock and roll with in bed.

Remember these pointers the next time you masturbate.

Remember these pointers the next time you masturbate.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably masturbate in a regular basis.

Apart from being very pleasurable and exciting, making it habit to “badger the witness” or “stroke the sausage” actually has some pretty fine benefits.

These benefits include helping relieve stress and tension as well as promoting the release of unwanted buildup in the prostate, which can lead to health issues in the long run.

Now while you pretty much have an idea how to masturbate, some guys tend to overlook some key factors that can significantly lessen the pleasurable sensations it can set off as you go along.

Make sure you read on to learn some important things you need to take note of the next time things get pretty intense with Palmela Handerson…

Choose a comfortable spot.

Although you can masturbate virtually anywhere you like (as long as it’s private, secured and you’re not breaking any laws or rules while at it, mind you), keep in mind to go for a safe and comfortable environment when doing the deed.

Besides ensuring that you won’t be in for bodily harm, you won’t also experience any issues that can disrupt you from experiencing all the pleasurable sensations that you deserve in the process.

My top choices are in the bedroom or in the bath in case you’re looking for some suggestions.

Have some lube on hand.

The act of masturbation basically involves stimulating your penis to achieve orgasm and each stroke causes small amount of friction in the process.

When the friction your penis goes through becomes rather high, it’s already prone to lesions and blisters, which aren’t just painful, but can also linger for days and will surely make action in the bedroom rather tricky to perform.

It is really smart to get your hands on an ideal amount of lube to prevent this from happening. I recommend a water-based option that is smoother and gentler on the skin.

Go slow and easy.

Although going fast and furious right off the bat is quite tempting when you masturbate, make it a point to go slow and easy the next time you have a go at it.

This is because apart from getting as much pleasurable sensations as you can, you can also easily identify when your sexual peak is. In case you’re wondering, it is the time when your ejaculatory and orgasmic responses are ready to go off.