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So you'd like to give her an amazing anal sex session...

So you’d like to give her an amazing anal sex session…

Anal sex is no doubt one of the things that you’ve always wanted to have a go in the bedroom with your partner.

And now that she finally said yes to your advances at having anal action after trying to convince her for a very long time, you’re not quite sure what to do next.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. Here are a few key anal sex tips that you should always remember to make the experience awesome for the both of you…

Her sexual arousal is crucial.

Unlike what you see in porn movies, sexually penetrating a woman in the anus isn’t just about making a beeline to her butt as soon as things get really hot in bed.

But the thing is your partner won’t be that comfortable to get a bout of anal sex going if she isn’t that fired up for lovemaking.

Apart from not getting any pleasurable sensations at all when the action’s hot, there’s even a chance that you won’t be able to anally penetrate her in the first place.

You’ve got to have lots of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication like the vagina, so you’ve got to give it a hand when it comes to that department.

Make it a point to have lots of lubrication as well. Try to get the amount that you think is enough and double it.

Apply the lube as liberally as you can and put on some again as soon as you feel that things aren’t as smooth as before.

Slow and easy does it.

Now while the temptation to get fast and furious the moment you get in action is great, it is actually the worst decision you will ever make during anal sex.

You’ll just end up making her really uncomfortable while at it.

Keep in mind to make your pace and rhythm as slow as you can. Don’t worry, you can pick things up when your partner will already get her anal sex groove on.

Ask her how she wants it.

This is perhaps the biggest thing to remember when it comes to anal sex.

It is ideal that you ask your partner how she feels as well as how she wants it as you go along since her sensations can either make or break your anal sex session.

Do it every few minutes or so and you’ll be good to go.

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes...

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes!

Properly firing up a woman for lovemaking is a must if you’re looking to give her a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from boosting your partner’s chances of making her achieve orgasm as you go along, it will also intensify the pleasurable sensations that she will experience in the process.

And just imagine the good things that you’ll be in for if you pull the whole thing off, right?

Now here’s the thing…

Sure you may already have an idea of the things that your lover likes when you’re already getting a foreplay session going, but did you know that you may be making a few mistakes while doing so?

Make sure you read on to learn more…

Not starting outside the bedroom.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, foreplay doesn’t start when you’re already heating things up in bed. You can actually start it up outside of the bedroom.

See, one of the key factors of foreplay that a lot of men tend to overlook is mental stimulation. I know this sounds surprising right now, but getting her mind going should definitely be on your foreplay checklist.

One simple way of getting the job done is texting her about the sexy things you’ll do to her the moment you two get alone.

You don’t ask her what she wants.

Most guys mistakenly believe that there is a pattern in foreplay. They think that they simply take note of the stuff that their partners like, do the same thing over and over and they’re good to go.

But the thing is foreplay doesn’t work like that. She’ll just end up feeling annoyed or uncomfortable. Or perhaps a combination of the two.

A woman will have different urges and desires each time you do it. So make it a point to ask your lover how she’d like to get things done to really make the experience awesome for her.

You make a beeline for the clitoris and breasts.

Sure a woman’s breasts and clitoris are no doubt two of the most sensitive erogenous zones that she has, but immediately zeroing in on them as soon as foreplay begins isn’t a good idea.

This is because you need to fire them up the right way or else they won’t produce the pleasurable sensations that they are capable of. She will simply feel uncomfortable in the process.

Are you still having trouble convincing her to give you a BJ?

Are you still having trouble convincing her to give you a BJ?

Ah, blowjobs. I’m pretty sure that they’re definitely in your checklist when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

Besides making you experience a lot of pleasurable sensations, getting head from your lover is no doubt one of your biggest bedroom fantasies.

However, the problem is you’re still not convincing her to go down on you until now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a bout of oral sex from your partner, though.

Chances are the following reasons are keeping her from exploring south of your border during lovemaking…

You suddenly ask her for a BJ in the middle of sex.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that asking for a blowjob from a woman simply involves pausing in the middle of lovemaking and gently nudging her head in the direction of your penis.

Now while this move may work in porn movies, it’s rather tricky to pull the whole thing off in real life. See, this just makes her feel rushed and awkward.

Make it a point to discuss it way before the action to prep her up properly.

You don’t go down on her yourself.

Oral sex is basically a two-way street.

If you don’t make it a point to knock her socks off with an amazing round of cunnilingus when the two of you get busy in bed yourself, she won’t realize that the experience is both exciting and pleasurable.

So if you’d like your partner to give you oral action, take the lead and give her an experience she won’t forget anytime soon.

You don’t keep a close eye on your hygiene.

Now here’s the thing…

If you’re looking to convince your partner to take things orally down there, you’ve got to look and smell really nice. Keep in mind to be very conscious of your hygiene (especially in your nether region) and your chances of getting a BJ are sure to become higher.

You don’t keep your bedroom clean.

Like I’ve emphasized in an earlier post, your bedroom’s cleanliness can easily make or break her sexual arousal, which plays a key role in terms of convincing her to go down on you.

You don’t fire her up properly.

A woman’s sexual arousal directly affects the things she will be eager to take part in when things get hot in bed. If she’s not that fired up for action, she won’t be that enthusiastic to give the south of your border the TLC it deserves.

Do you believe in these premature ejaculation myths?

Do you believe in these premature ejaculation myths?

I’m betting that one of the top priorities you’ve got in your lovemaking checklist is lasting for as long as you can when you’re already sexually penetrating your wife, girlfriend or lover in the bedroom.

Besides giving your partner loads of pleasurable sensations and boosting her chances of reaching the Big O while at it, you’re also going to be in for an awesome experience in the process when you don’t pop sooner than you’d like to in the middle of action.

And speaking of premature ejaculation, chances are you’ve already heard a lot of myths about it, usually from so-called “sex gurus” to promote the stuff they’re hawking.

We’ve compiled some of the most ridiculous myths about premature ejaculation to debunk them. Make sure you read on to find out what these are…

It is something that comes with age.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, premature ejaculation doesn’t just get in the picture when you reach a certain age.

Some think that this issue is inevitable when they celebrate their 50th birthday or perhaps when they reach their late 40’s.

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that coming too soon is basically controlled by key factors like the pace and rhythm of your lovemaking session as well as how turned you are during the act.

Premature ejaculation is a permanent problem.

At its simplest, premature ejaculation is the effect of having your body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory responses kicking in sooner than they should.

(Experiencing too much stress at one time is also one of the reasons why this is happening.)

It can be easily staved off by taking note of how fast you’re going when you’re already entering your partner. Just remember to take things slow and easy when you’re getting busy and you’ll be on the right track.

It can be only cured by using medicines.

Sure getting your hands on medicines and other artificial products may be touted as the “best” solution to go for when it comes to premature ejaculation, doing so will just make you vulnerable to more problems in the long run.

Instead of reaching for pills, creams, gels and medicated condoms, try to check out thiss premature ejaculation-causing factor.