Key First Date Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Acing a first date is no doubt your top priority when you’ve finally convinced a woman to go out with you.

However, unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” are saying, getting the job done isn’t about acting like the alpha male or perhaps wearing loud clothes to give her the notion that your confidence levels are simply off the charts.

I’ve learned a few key dating mistakes during my extensive research into the female psychology, though, that you should keep clear of to boost your chances of making the woman you’re on a first date with to go out with you again…

Don’t choose an ultra-posh place.

Sure the idea of going for a very luxurious venue for your date may be a nice idea, but it can actually drag down your chances of acing the whole thing.

This is because doing just that will keep her from completely feeling relaxed and comfortable on your date. It will simply give your first date the atmosphere of a job interview.

Better make it a point to let her get in on the action when choosing your date’s venue to prevent this from happening.

You can also go for her favorite bar or deli since she already feels cozy there.

Don’t neglect your shoes.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’re not that particular with your footwear.

However, not choosing the right ones for your date as well as not keeping them in great shape in the process will only lead to disaster.

See, when you show up with dirty shoes, your date will just have the notion that you’re irresponsible and sloppy.

Definitely not a good way to kick things off to your convincing her for a second date, don’t you think?

Don’t talk about complicated stuff.

Now while engaging a woman in a meaningful discussion during a first date is a must, opening with technical subjects like electronics, politics and similar things isn’t the way to do it.

Besides giving her the notion that you’re trying too hard, she also won’t be able to relate with you while at it. You will just make her feel anxious, awkward and impatient.

And she won’t be impressed no matter what, too.

Make it a point to talk about trivial stuff to get her going. Ask her what her favorite movie is or perhaps the cartoon character she really likes.


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