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Don't copy pornstar moves. Ever!

Don’t copy pornstar moves. Ever!

Chances are giving your lover an amazing time between the sheets is your top priority when things get really hot in the bedroom.

Besides stimulating her erogenous zones properly to get her really going for action in bed, you also want to make her reach the Big O in the process.

And now here’s the situation…

You want to take your partner’s sexual pleasure up a notch, so you’re looking for some “inspiration” to pull off just that. But the thing is this inspiration is porn movies.

See, copying porn star moves is perhaps the worst thing that you can do when it comes to making lovemaking more enjoyable for her.

Make sure you follow along to find out why….

Porn movies are portrayed by actors and actresses.

Let’s start things off with the fact that porn films feature actors and actresses who are following a script.

They basically do what the scripts call for when the camera starts rolling.

Besides doing very specific sexual positions, which are rather inconvenient and uncomfortable in real life, they are also told to show particular facial expressions as well as make certain sounds.

That makes the whole thing rather fake, right?

Porn movies are edited before being shown to the audience.

I’m pretty sure that you haven’t seen a porn movie that doesn’t show the best case scenario between a man and woman making love.

Every second of it seems too perfect and too smooth. None of the slip-ups that usually happen during sex are also seen while at it.

And you know what they say about things that look too good to be true…

This is because a porn film is meticulously edited and polished first before being released to the public. The people who work on the raw product will make it look like it’s the most exciting sexual act ever caught on film, too.

Porn movies are made to complement your fantasies.

Porn movies are basically created to accommodate your sexual fantasies.

The actors and actresses are paid to show you what you want to see in a porn film, which can be from oral and anal sex to everything in between.

Porn films show the stuff that your regular sex life totally lacks or perhaps requires a bit of improvement in.

Instead of watching porn, why not discuss these things with your partner? You’ll be surprised with her answers.

Avoid these annoyances that can sap away her sexual arousal.

Avoid these annoyances that can sap away her sexual arousal.

Getting your lover completely ready for a sex session is definitely a priority if you’re looking to really give her an experience that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from intensifying the pleasurable sensations that you will give your partner, you’re also going to boost her chances of achieving an orgasm or two in the process.

However, I learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that there are annoyances that can easily keep her from really getting in the mood for lovemaking.

So if you’re looking to get your lover totally sexually aroused each time you’re heating things up in bed, make sure you keep clear from the following…

Annoyance #1: A dirty bedroom.

Now while this may sound surprising, your lover’s sexual arousal levels won’t reach their ideal levels when the bedroom you’re in is a mess.

This is because her brain will be coaxed into producing and releasing stress hormones that do just the exact opposite of the positive hormones that make her sexually aroused.

Make it a point to keep your bedroom generally clean and organized to jumpstart her sexual arousal as soon as you kick things off in there.

Annoyance #2: You rush her into it.

Although showing her that you are a take charge guy during foreplay is a surefire way to get your lover’s excitement going, overdoing the whole thing will simply lead to disaster.

She will feel that you’re rushing her and instead of being sexually aroused, her stress hormone levels surge and she’ll just end up getting impatient, anxious and not in the mood for some action between the sheets.

Keep in mind to take things as slow and easy as you go along not just to take her sexual arousal up a notch, but also intensify the stimulation that you’re going to do to her while at it.

Annoyance #3: You don’t mix things up.

Come to think of it. Your partner won’t be that perked up for lovemaking if you give her the notion that she will experience the same old routine when you’re at it between the sheets.

Surprise her with a new foreplay technique or stimulate an erogenous zone that you don’t usually pleasure and you’re sure to get her going faster.

Annoyance #4: You think foreplay is a burden.

Sure bringing your best foreplay moves into play can be rather tiring and tedious, but do them as awesome as you can to make your lover feel that you’re all for her pleasure.

And that just means she will easily get in the mood for action in bed.

Make her want to give you a BJ with these tips.

Make her want to give you a BJ with these tips.

I’m betting that getting a blowjob from your lover when the action’s hot between the sheets is no doubt one of the things that you’re looking forward to during sex.

But here’s the situation…

You are still having a problem convincing your partner to go down on you even if you’re already practically begging her to give the whole thing a try in bed.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though, that you won’t get some oral action from your lover. Make sure you follow along to find out how you can boost your chances of getting a BJ from her…

Ask her nicely…out of the bedroom.

The biggest mistake that you can ever make when you want your partner to explore south of your border is asking her to do it when you’re already at it in bed.

Besides making her feel pressured, she will also have the idea that you’re forcing her to do it because you are asking her to give it a shot in such a short notice.

A better strategy would be suggesting it to your lover when you’re outside the bedroom. Integrate it in a casual conversation or perhaps suggest it to her through a joke.

Give her an amazing oral sex session.

It will be very tricky to convince your partner to give you a BJ if you don’t give her oral sex yourself. Or perhaps you go down on her, but she’s not enjoying it like she should.

Make it a point to give her an experience that she won’t forget anytime soon when you give her some oral action yourself. Stimulate her down there properly to make her reach the Big O again and again.

Unless you give her the notion that your oral sex sessions are truly enjoyable, your lover won’t be that excited to try it anytime soon.

But if you keep in mind to really knock her socks off when you do it, your chances of getting a blowjob will be much higher.

Don’t be bossy about it.

Sure showing your partner that you have the initiative to give her an amazing lovemaking session is one thing, but overdoing the whole thing will already make her feel that you’re bossy.

And when she feels that way, her body will have a surge of stress hormones that will just make her feel anxious, impatient and rather uncomfortable.

That simply means no BJ for you, my friend.

So should you go out with her again?

So should you go out with her again?

Now here’s the situation…

You’re going out with a woman the first time and you aren’t quite sure if there should be a second date in the works.

And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making this decision is more than appearances as well.

So if you’re still having a tough time deciding if you should go on a date with her again, here are some key factors that need to be in your checklist to help you make the right choice…

Where is she focusing her attention?

Sure things might start a bit awkward between the two of you, but if you see that your date is spending most of her time checking out her phone and other gadgets or perhaps flirting with the waiters, it basically means that she’s not worth it to take on a second date.

Your date should have the notion that she should be focusing her attention to you because you’re on a first date.

(Here’s a nice way to break the ice, though.)

How does she treat the people around you?

You can already have a pretty good insight of how your date will treat you if you observe how she treats other people around you when the both of you go out the first time.

If the woman you’re on a first date with is generally nice to everyone, you’re in the clear for a second one.

If she acts terribly to other people – especially to the serving staff – well, it’s not worth it to take her out again.

What does she talk about during your time together?

Getting a meaningful conversation going on a first date is definitely a must if you’re looking to ace the whole thing.

But the thing is if she’s talking about her exes, chances are she is still in touch with them and may not be really ready to meet new people after all.

And that simply means you should pass up on a second date.

Does she listen to you when you’re talking?

One of the attributes of a good date is being a great listener.

If you notice that she can’t seem to hang on even a single word that you say, it simply means her mind is on something (or someone) else, which makes it really tricky to engage her in a meaningful conversation.

It could also mean that she’s tough to please. It’s a smart idea to bail out as soon as you can.