Lesser Known Causes of Erectile Dysfunction That You Probably Don’t Know About

Keep clear from these lesser known causes of erectile dysfunction!

Keep clear from these lesser known causes of erectile dysfunction!

Achieving a strong and powerful erection is no doubt the first item in your checklist when you and your lover are already at it between the sheets.

So just imagine how you’ll feel when you simply notice that you’ve lost your ability to get rock hard on demand when the action’s already hot in the bedroom.

Quite devastating, right?

Sure you can easily rise up to the occasion nowadays, but did you know that you may be prone to erectile dysfunction right now because of lesser known causes? Make sure you read on to find out what they are…

Eating too much canned products.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve got some of your favorite canned goods stashed in your pantry right now. From corned beef to ham, there are at least a couple of cans in there for your convenience.

Now while loading up on these canned products once or twice is pretty much alright, making them a part of your regular diet will already have a negative effect on your erections.

This is because canned goods are lined with a chemical called BPA that can prevent the production and release of the ideal amount of sex hormones like testosterone in the body if regularly ingested.

Keep in mind to have more fresh stuff in your diet and a lot of water while you’re at it as well.

Having the wrong seat on your bike.

Although having vigorous exercise in your schedule is a must if you’re looking to keep your overall circulation up to par, which plays a key role in making you achieve strong and powerful erections, picking the wrong bike seat will just lead to the opposite.

This is because the erectile tissues in the penis may not be able to absorb all the blood they need to get you rock hard if the arteries and veins located in and around the perineum get pinched for a long period of time.

Go for noseless or leather bike seats that distribute the pressure on your lover limbs more evenly.

Moreover, if you feel a tingly sensation in your crotch area when you ride your bike, you should replace it as soon as you can.

Not brushing and flossing regularly.

Having gum disease and diseased teeth can allow bad bacteria to enter the bloodstream over time, which can disrupt the blood flow that should be directed to the erectile tissues in the penis.

Make it a point to brush and floss daily to prevent this from happening. Visit your dentists regularly to keep your oral health in tiptop shape, too.


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