4 Possible Reasons Why You Still Can’t Convince Her To Give You A BJ

Still not getting a BJ from her? Here are the reasons...

Still not getting a BJ from her? Here are the reasons…

I’m betting that one of the items that you’ve got in your sexual checklist is getting a blowjob from your lover when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

And with the loads and loads of pleasurable sensations that you can experience while at it, what guy in his right mind wouldn’t want one, too?

However, you still can’t convince your partner to go down on you no matter how hard you try.

I know this can be a bit frustrating, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to win her over when it comes to exploring south of your border.

Chances are the following reasons prevent her from really getting in action downtown…

You don’t ask her nicely.

Asking her nicely to give you a blowjob is perhaps the first thing that you should do if you’re looking for some oral action from your lover.

Now while being a take charge guy in the bedroom is a turn on among women, simply being too bossy when you want your partner to go down on you will just ruin her sexual mood altogether.

And don’t feel bad if she says no to you when you ask her nicely. There’s always a next time.

You are whiny.

Don’t spend the next few minutes asking your partner over and over if she can give you a blowjob. Believe me, you won’t convince her to do so no matter how many times you ask her again.

You don’t keep a close eye on your hygiene down there.

If you’re looking to convince your lover to give you a BJ, making it a point to keep your hygiene down there as impeccable as you can is a must.

Keep in mind to trim excess pubic hair and give your genitals a good washing in a regular basis. She won’t be too keen to go down on you if your penis, scrotum and the areas around them look and smell funky.

You don’t give her an amazing oral sex session yourself.

It won’t be that challenging to convince your partner to go down on you if you make it a habit to knock her socks off when you give her oral sex yourself.

She will be more eager and excited to take a shot at it herself when you make each oral sex session you give her as awesome and mind-blowing as can be.

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