4 Signs That You Shouldn’t Go Out With Her Again

So should you go out with her again?

So should you go out with her again?

Now here’s the situation…

You’re going out with a woman the first time and you aren’t quite sure if there should be a second date in the works.

And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making this decision is more than appearances as well.

So if you’re still having a tough time deciding if you should go on a date with her again, here are some key factors that need to be in your checklist to help you make the right choice…

Where is she focusing her attention?

Sure things might start a bit awkward between the two of you, but if you see that your date is spending most of her time checking out her phone and other gadgets or perhaps flirting with the waiters, it basically means that she’s not worth it to take on a second date.

Your date should have the notion that she should be focusing her attention to you because you’re on a first date.

(Here’s a nice way to break the ice, though.)

How does she treat the people around you?

You can already have a pretty good insight of how your date will treat you if you observe how she treats other people around you when the both of you go out the first time.

If the woman you’re on a first date with is generally nice to everyone, you’re in the clear for a second one.

If she acts terribly to other people – especially to the serving staff – well, it’s not worth it to take her out again.

What does she talk about during your time together?

Getting a meaningful conversation going on a first date is definitely a must if you’re looking to ace the whole thing.

But the thing is if she’s talking about her exes, chances are she is still in touch with them and may not be really ready to meet new people after all.

And that simply means you should pass up on a second date.

Does she listen to you when you’re talking?

One of the attributes of a good date is being a great listener.

If you notice that she can’t seem to hang on even a single word that you say, it simply means her mind is on something (or someone) else, which makes it really tricky to engage her in a meaningful conversation.

It could also mean that she’s tough to please. It’s a smart idea to bail out as soon as you can.

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