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Keep these pointers in mind before you go on a date!

Keep these pointers in mind before you go on a date!

I’m pretty sure that giving the woman you’re on a date with the right impression is a key priority in your checklist.

And one of the ways to pull this off is making sure that your grooming is up to par.

It’s not that tricky to imagine what your date’s reaction would be – and how the whole thing will turn out – if you showed up as if you just got out of bed, too.

But the thing is getting the job done is more than just taking a quick shower and putting on nice clothes. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Pay close attention to your face.

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that women tend to first notice a guy’s face in a social situation.

And not keeping a close eye on your face in your grooming checklist can easily break your chances during a date.

Besides making it a point to get rid of excess facial hair, keeping your locks in a clean and stylish yet comfortably proper fashion is a must as well.

Your teeth need TLC.

Apart from being one of the most visible physical attributes that you have, the shape your teeth are in also have a big effect to a woman you’re going out with.

If they’re dirty and just plain nasty, she’s immediately going to feel that you’re irresponsible and become rather anxious in the process.

Your breath is also going to be on the line when you don’t take care of your teeth properly, too.

Slap on some deodorant.

Sure you may be not as sweaty compared to other men, but it’s really smart to use a liberal amount of deodorant when you’re going through your grooming checklist.

Keep in mind to use a deodorant that doesn’t have a strong and pronounced smell while at it since it can be a turn-off for her. Go for something with a neutral musky and citrusy scent.

Plan your getup properly.

Your choice of clothes and shoes play a key role not just in your overall grooming, but also in your confidence levels.

Now while you may be wearing the nicest outfit for your date, but if you don’t feel comfortable in it the result will just be the opposite.

Just remember to prioritize comfort over style when you choose your footwear and clothes and you’ll be on the right track.

So you'd like to stretch your bedroom playing time...

So you’d like to stretch your bedroom playing time…

Chances are one of your top sexual priorities is to last for as long as you can when you and your lover are already at it between the sheets.

Apart from giving your partner an overload of pleasurable sensations that will easily make her reach the Big O as you go along, you will also keep clear from feeling rather disappointed when you come sooner than you’d like to.

But the thing is I am really disappointed with a lot of the advice that self-proclaimed “sex gurus” are dishing out these days.

They don’t just point out that premature ejaculation is permanent and age-related, but also recommend the use of artificial products like topical gels, creams and pills that supposedly fix the issue.

Sure they might give you the relief that you want in terms of lasting longer during sex, but you’re going to be in for some adverse side effects in the long run.

Why don’t you follow along to learn some natural and effective ways to keep premature ejaculation at bay?

Keep a positive mindset.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but your mindset actually plays a key role when lasting for as long as you can in the bedroom is concerned. See, thinking positively encourages the constant production and release of the right hormones that keep your sexual arousal going ideally and naturally staves off premature ejaculation.

Thinking negative thoughts basically promotes the release of negative hormones that do just the opposite.

And when I say “opposite,” I mean “making you come sooner than you should.”

Go slow and easy.

Now while the temptation to go fast and furious when you get the chance to sexually penetrate your lover is really great, keep in mind that doing so will just make your brain think that you’ve already experienced all the sexual pleasure that you deserve and activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses way ahead of time.

Make it a point to go as slow and easy as you can and you’ll be on the right track. The pleasurable sensations that your partner will experience will also be more intense when you do this.

Focus more on her pleasure.

A lot of guys seem to overlook the fact that becoming too absorbed with their own sexual arousal will prevent them from really controlling when to pop during lovemaking.

Remember to make her pleasure your top priority when you’re at it in bed and you’ll be surprised with how much longer you will able to last. Making oral sex a mainstay in your checklist is definitely a plus.

These tips will help you knock her socks off during a sensual massage...

These tips will help you knock her socks off during a sensual massage…

If you’re anything like most guys, giving your lover an unforgettable sex session is no doubt the top item in your checklist when the two of you are already heating things up between the sheets.

Apart from really knocking her socks off as you go along as well as boosting your chances of making her achieve an orgasm or two, making this a priority will also make her want more action in the bedroom.

And one of the best ways to help you get the job done is giving her a sensual massage.

Pulling it off isn’t just about working your fingers all over her body, too. Here are a few key tips that you should keep in mind to give her a mind-blowing sensual massage…

Your bedroom should be in apple pie order.

Women are really into cleanliness and organization.

And unless they think and feel that they’re in a place that is comfortable and relaxing for them, they will just experience a surge of negative hormones in their bodies sooner or later.

Your partner will just end up feeling anxious and impatient when you’re massaging her, which isn’t the result that you’re aiming for. That’s even if you’re bringing your A-game into play while at it.

Play some nice tunes.

If you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a long time now, you probably already know that music plays a key role in stimulating a woman’s brain to produce and release positive hormones.

Besides making her feel more relaxed and comfortable, she won’t have a problem getting her sexual mood going if you play your cards right as well. A pick that I find really effective is slow jazz.

Have the right stuff.

Giving your lover an amazing sensual massage involves having stuff that will make the experience more intense and enjoyable for her.

It is really smart to have at least a couple of bottles of aromatic oil on hand, preferably those that have a musky and citrusy hint to them.

Besides making your massaging techniques smoother and more intimate, the added aroma will also make the whole affair quite rejuvenating and sexy for her at the same time.

Slow and easy is key.

Keep in mind to go as slow and easy as you can when you’re already in action. Sure this may sound like you’re preventing your partner from really enjoying the massage that you’re giving her, you are actually making each caress, stroke and rub more intense for her.


So your erections aren't as strong and powerful like they used to...

So your erections aren’t as strong and powerful like they used to…

Making it a point to achieve a strong and lasting erection is no doubt one of the most important things in your sexual checklist.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that you are not getting as hard as you used to these days.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are recommending, there’s no need to get your hands on creams, pills and gels that claim to bring back your erection power just yet.

Chances are you’re just making the following erection-sapping mistakes that can easily prevent you from rising up to the occasion like you should…

You don’t drink lots of water.

Loading up on lots of water daily isn’t just about quenching thirst. It is also about keeping your blood channels like blood vessels, veins and arteries ideally hydrated and supple.

When these blood channels function up to par, they can easily direct circulation to where it is needed in no time, especially when sexual arousal takes place and a boost in blood flow to the pelvic region takes place.

Since the erectile tissues need a certain amount of blood to firm up the penis, your erections can easily be affected if these blood channels aren’t working properly.

You regularly eat greasy and salty stuff.

What you regularly load up on can easily make or break your erections.

If you make it a point to eat the right stuff, your ability to get rock hard won’t be compromised in any way at all. On the other hand, if you have the habit of loading up on salty and greasy stuff, chances are you’re going to be vulnerable to weakening erections.

This is because too much salt and grease can disrupt the flow of blood in the body and can even cause hypertension in the long run if not take care of properly.

Make it a point to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Loading up on fiber-rich foods like oats and bran will also help keep your circulation in tiptop shape.

You don’t exercise.

Keeping in mind to exercise in a regular basis not only helps keep the body in the pink, but also maintains the heart’s overall function.

See, having a sedentary lifestyle basically disrupts the blood flow and hampers the heart from performing its function like it should.

And when the heart isn’t working up to par, you’re sure to have problems with your erections sooner or later.