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These teasing techniques are sure going to get her sexually aroused.

These teasing techniques are sure going to get her sexually aroused.

A woman’s sexual arousal level basically influences how your lovemaking session will turn out.

It’s either your lover will have an amazing time while you’re doing the deed between the sheets or perhaps she won’t find the whole thing pleasurable at all.

But the thing is you’re just noticing that even your A-game moves aren’t hitting their mark when you’re trying to heat up your lover in bed these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few useful techniques that you can use that will really boost your chances of pulling it off…

Teasing Technique #1: Make your text messages risqué.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, getting a woman sexually aroused isn’t just about stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones properly until she’s good and ready for some sexual action.

At its simplest, sexual arousal basically starts as soon as her brain activates the hormone-producing glands to churn out positive hormones.

You can easily do these by sending her naughty and kinky text messages describe what you’ll do to her as soon as you two get alone. You can email her your graphic descriptions, too.

Teasing Technique #2: Blindfold her while the action’s going on.

Anticipation is very important when you’re looking to get your partner sexually aroused. And just imagine how much she’ll anticipate when she won’t even have the slightest clue what your next move will be?

Teasing Technique #3: Deliberately mislead her.

Some guys tend to inform their lovers ahead what erogenous zone they will focus on during foreplay, which will make their partners already expect what they will be on for when foreplay is taking place.

You can intentionally mislead her in terms of what spot you’re going to pleasure. For example, you can tell her that you’ll suck her nipples, but you’re going to gently rub her clitoris instead. There are practically countless ways you can do this as well.

Teasing Technique #4: Change your pace and rhythm in the middle of foreplay.

When she’s already moaning and writhing in pleasure, make it a point to go slower or faster to slightly disrupt the pace and rhythm of your foreplay session.

This doesn’t just heighten the pleasurable sensations that your lover will feel, but also make her more excited as you go along since she won’t have the slightest clue what you will do next or how things will go.

Always remember these oral sex pointers!

Always remember these oral sex pointers!

Giving your lover an oral sex session is no doubt in your bedroom playbook when it comes to making her achieve an orgasm or two.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think it’s not as simple as making a beeline to her genitals and stimulating them like crazy as soon as you get chance.

You’re just either going to make her feel annoyed or perhaps rather uncomfortable, which isn’t the sensations you are aiming for when you go down on your partner.

But the thing is I’ve learned a few key pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will surely boost your chances of giving her oral sex each and every time.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Keep a close eye on your grooming.

Sure you may find it rather surprising to find this one in here, but making it a point to keep your grooming up to par is absolutely a priority when it comes to giving a woman amazing oral sex.

See, factors like excess facial hair as well as improper oral hygiene can significantly reduce the pleasurable sensations that her body can produce when you go down on her.

Come to think of it. If you put yourself in your lover’s shoes and see that your partner’s grooming isn’t that nice, would you really enjoy oral sex that much?

Don’t treat like a contest.

Some guys tend to think that a woman will find oral sex more pleasurable when they go at her clitoris and vagina full speed ahead.

You’ll only end up giving her the wrong sensations while you’re at it even if you’re already bringing your oral sex A-game into play.

Instead, you should go as slow and easy as you can since this will easily heighten the sensations that she’ll feel in the process.

Just take things up a notch when she’s the one asking for it.

Let her guide you.

Always make it a point to ask your lover what she’s in the mood for before you go down on her.

Sure she may not be as gung-ho compared to you when it comes to lovemaking, but she knows what will make her feel really good during oral sex way better than you do. Makes perfect sense, right?

Just go and ask her how you should go about it and you’re already on the right track.

Take note of these pointers to keep getting rock hard!

Take note of these pointers to keep getting rock hard!

If you’re anything like most men, I’m pretty sure that you consider your ability to achieve strong and powerful erections as a very important factor when it comes to giving your lover a sex session that she won’t soon forget.

But the thing is there’s a big risk that your ability to rise up to the occasion when things are getting extra steamy between the sheets if you’re not keeping a few important pointers in mind.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these are so you can keep on getting rock hard when you and your partner are already prepping up for sexual action in the bedroom…

Watch what you load up on.

Sure this may sound rather surprising, but what you eat in a regular basis can have a big effect on your ability to achieve a strong erection. It can go either way as well, depending on the stuff you usually munch on.

Always make it a point to go for healthy options like lean meat, fish as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now while I’m not saying that you should totally cross off your favorite snacks and comfort treats like chips, pretzels and pork rinds, just remember to only enjoy them from time to time and you’ll be alright.

Drink up!

If you want to keep your erections as strong and powerful as you’d like them to be, then you have to drink a lot…of water, that is. See, water doesn’t just quench thirst, but also keep the blood channels to function up to par.

When blood channels like blood vessels, arteries and veins are working ideally, the erectile tissues in the penis won’t have a tough time absorbing all the blood they need to get you rock hard in no time.

Have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and you’re on the right track to powerful erections. (A moderate glass or two of your favorite brew also has benefits to the heart as well.)

Exercise regularly.

Habitually sweating it out not only conditions your overall circulation to work optimally, but also keeps your heart functioning properly even during intense physical activity.

Come to think of it. You’re not just optimizing your blood flow when you exercise frequently. You are also boosting your energy levels in the process. How’s that for two for two?

And just imagine how that will help you really give your lover an amazing time between the sheets.

Going on a first date? Take note of these pointers!

Going on a first date? Take note of these pointers!

Unlike what a lot of so-called “pickup artists” are saying these days, acing a first date isn’t just about giving the woman you’re out with that you are the alpha male by acting really obnoxious or perhaps wearing the loudest outfit you can put together.

Come to think of it. If you show up on your date with a really bad fashion sense and act like a jerk, how do you think the whole thing will turn out?

Now while I don’t believe that there are surefire tips when it comes to acing a first date, I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there are key pointers that you should keep in mind to boost your chances of pulling it off.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Remember that it’s just a first date.

Most men seem to believe that a failing to ace a first date is already the end of their dating career. If it won’t turn out like you’re hoping it to be, there will be other first dates that you’ll have the opportunity to ace in the near future.

Let her pick the venue.

A lot of guys mistakenly think that simply choosing a really fancy restaurant for a first date will already make them ace it almost immediately.

But the thing is I learned during my research that doing just that will only lead to the opposite since women will feel that they’re going to a job interview instead of a date.

Make it a point to let her in on the planning process of your first date and ask her where she wants to go. You’ll simply be surprised with how sociable and comfortable she will be during your date.

Keep the conversation light and simple.

Women tend to be more open if they can easily relate with the stuff you’re talking about. And making her do just that is talking about the most trivial things you can think about.

I know this sounds rather surprising, but your date will be more eager to exchange meaningful ideas with you if you ask her what her favorite book is or perhaps the TV show she is fan of.

Don’t be touchy-feely.

Now while emphasizing your words with minor gestures is a good idea, overdoing the whole thing by constantly touching your date will only lead to disaster. She will only think that you’re fresh and become more wary of your intentions.